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Yas is an interactive media consultant & RIA developer based in Sydney Australia and US.

Oh Hai.  I see you’ve just strayed into my blog.
You’ll find nothing but useless information that will worsen your productivity.  You’ve been warned.


I’ve started blogging back in 1996 and was all written in Japanese – mainly just to keep in touch with my family and friends back in Japan. Some might still not know but I am 100% pure Japanese bred with layers of fat like Wagyu beef. I have lived in the states for quite sometime prior to relocating myself in Sydney Australia where I reconfirmed my obsession for food. As I’ve been working in the internet industry, this blog has been and will be updated with mix of food related posts as well as nerdy technology stuff I like.

Taking advantage of my native tongue, I’m hoping to blog about crazy Japanese gizmos, food products, and restaurant offers that are only advertised in local Japanese publications.

Although I’ve been working in the internet industry, I came from a music background. I’ve started playing the piano at 3 years old, and graduated from a music high school. I also attended a music college back in Japan majoring in traditional and contemporary music composition. My passion was doing studies on romantic era (Chopin, Brahmas, Rachmaninoff, Faure) and contemporary era (Ravel, John Ireland).

Art education at colleges in Japan was very strictly traditional and not much freedom to it, and it eventually convinced me to transfer to the internationally well-known Jazz school – Berklee College of Music in Boston, where music students from all over the country gather. I studied the piano under Professor Bob Winter – Pianist for the Boston Pops Orchestra under John Williams and Keith Lockhart.

So well, I had been formally trained for a quite long time and am even certified by Yamaha to teach piano for kids. Surprised? I know, I don’t like that at all. ;p

Along with a rapid growth of the internet and dot-com boom back then, I had discovered my new passion. I wrapped up my music study, then attended another college majoring internet communication. Since my graduation, I have worked as a graphic designer, new media developer, art director, flash developer, rich media consultant, and information architect based in Boston and Tokyo.