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Me eat food.

Monday, July 14, 2008 - 1:38 am     English  |  日本語

“Oh I can’t possibly eat anymore.” usually means, “Let me take a break and see if I can eat more.” of course. But this weekend was literally full of food and I really COULD HAVE DIED WITHOUT REGRETS.

I simply realized that I must have some serious food issue when how much I have spent on food during the week had exceeded twice as much my weekly rent. I won’t dear to line up what I had during the week…


I was working this weekend trying to wrap up some of my projects before heading back to Japan. I went to Japaz before they open for lunch to take some pictures for their website. We had a quick meeting to go over some stuff, then off to the shoot. And Hiro the head chef goes, “Enjoy the food while they are still hot when you finished.”

Oh. Well, really? Uh, yeah, like for sure, IF YOU INSIST. ;p

They have new dishes – I really loved the scallops and the white stew dish. It’s so yummy that it makes me wanna say “Hey, some pictures are totally unusable. Maybe we should shoot them again.”

After the shoot, I headed down to Bondi Junction to meet up with my friends for some experiment – that we have always wondered but never dared to ask…

When we dine out together, we’d often end up paying around $60 p.p., sometimes more for fine dinning. The question was, “How much food can we eat if we cook instead?” It’s not like we hate cooking, well, we love doing it actually. And we’re all independent adults (cough), we know it’s definitely economical to eat home. So the main question today was to find out how much it’d actually cost to cook dinner that is as nice as dinning out – no supermarket grade meat, crisp fresh veggies from market etc. And our menu to research was Yakiniku. (again.)

And it only costs $30 each. ($30 x 5 people = $150) WHAT THE…

$150 allowed us to buy about 2.5kg Wagyu beef, 800g Black pork belly, veggies, dessert & drinks.

We were simply stunned AND stuffed.
Wagyu beef heaven. Take me now.


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