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Deadly nights and late dinners.

Hi guys! this blog has been quiet these days, hasn’t it? What, you missed me? Awwwwwww… HOLD ME? *open arms*

Again, I’m really sorry for visiting your blogs less, not leaving comments or replying so late to your comments here. I’ll be back real soon, I promise!

Coming home late doesn’t leave me much of free time nor enough energy. In the past few weeks, it had become my routine to come home, take a shower and have a nap on my sofa. Next time I open my eyes it’d be usually past 2am or so. And that’s my dinner time. Ok, let me justify it – it’s not “eating late and alot before bed time” but “delayed dinner time.” ;p m’kaaaay?

So here’s what I came up with whatever found in my fridge. Asparagus, onions, chicken, heavy cream, mushrooms, and alfalfa sprouts. Hmm. Then I opened my pantry and found a tin of beetroot, sardine. “Chicken sandwich w/ beetroot and alfalfa” was the first and quickest thing that came up in my mind. Hmmmm… that’s really boring and not appetizing… let me think of something else…

Salad dish
Beetroot salad with sardine, alfalfa and crumbled feta cheese, balsamic dressing.
No chopping required! Surprisingly it turned out pretty good, but damn, this only made me want some beer!

Creamy chicken crepe with asparagus, mushrooms and onions
Egg, self-rising flour, potato starch, water, and melted butter – mix well and make crepes. Sauté chicken and veggies with a sprinkle of flour as a thickening agent, then shimmer in chicken soup stock. Add heavy cream at the end. Fold the chicken and veggies in the crepe.

Well. I was quite satisfied. But.


You know I don’t like food to go waste. ;p A left over crepe was tuned into a dessert. Too bad that I forgot to save some heavy cream for this!

Now I’m going to enjoy my weekend, and get through the remaining 3 days. Then I’m leaving the advertising industry for good!!

갈비를 좋아해요 (I like Galbi)

Oh yes, I love Korean food very much, and it’s always on top of my list when my friends and I think of dinning out.

Simon (the ♥ of food) generously hosted a fantastic Korean food lunch at his place, and invited fellow food bloggers to join and enjoy the korean yumminess! One of the best things about doing my blog is to catch up with other lovely bloggers, and you know there’ll be food to surround us.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) and I were the first to arrive. Great to see familiar faces – Betty (the Hungry Girl), Ellie (Almost Bourdain), Karen (Citrus and Candy), Lili (Pikelet and Pie), Steph (Raspberri Cupcakes), and Richard (Here Comes The Food). It was awesome meeting with Leona (Pigged out) for the first time :)

Hmmmm the KFC! Move over Colonel Sanders, we’re talking about Korean Fried Chicken. Sweet gooey goodness!

Man, I should’ve grabbed my camera and taken some pictures of Simon doing his Korean magic with the yummy Galbi. You can’t talk Korean food without Galbi can we?

Chilli Pork. This was sooo good! I tend to avoid spicy dishes (damn my weak stomach!), but it’s got really nice just about right amount of spiciness that I like.

Pal Bo Chae (Radish wrap) – Helen and I volunteered to help making these. So if you picked one with imbalanced fillings, that must be the one I made. ;p

And of course, Kimchee. and it’s home made!

Sukju Namul Michin. I always love start my Korean dinner with this simple yet yummy dish when I eat at Korean restaurants. Smell of sesame oil just accelerated my appetite!

Jelly fish salad. Jelly fish and prawns – I loved the textures of them in my mouth!

Jeons. I sometimes see this in one of panchen at Korean restaurants, and now I know how they are called. Haha. Never had sweet potato and zucchini ones. I could just keep going back for more.

And of course, dessert is not optional, it’s mandatory.

Ellie’s contribution – caramelised sweet potato with palm sugar, and Steph’s contribution – amazing marshmallows. (I forgot where they were from.. Sweetness the patisserie?)

Uhm, am I the only one noticed something in the marshmallows? Sexiness.


Lili said “Oh i just made this with stuff laying around my kitchen.” Please come to my kitchen and make something out of my stuff! It was great!

Helen surely knows how to please people with food! She brought a trayful of Chocolate Bacon Cupcake! Yes, they got crispy bacon and maple icing on them! You’ve got to go check out the recipe.

My contribution was the condensed milk panna cotta.

Big thanks to Simon, his sister and mum for hosting such a great lunch, and everyone for being great companions :)

Petite desserts


Thanks those who replied me with reliable information on Twitter. I was frantically looking for 20 shot glasses all over in the city. How come, like any other things you might come across, these stuff are hard to find when we actually need them?

As finally finding some at a kitchenware shop, I was almost broken down on my knees with disappointment. The shot glass was so much smaller than I wanted. However, luckily I found perfect size glasses at Freedom after all, and I realized that I should’ve just gone seeking for Espresso shot glasses instead from the beginning. Doh!

Why I was going through all these troubles? Because there was a birthday get-together for my beloved friend Kim. Her boyfriend Jose asked me if I could make a dessert at the dinner as she really liked what I have previously made. And I know Jose was referring to that heavenly evil condensed milk panna cotta.

And I thought I’d server a mini panna cotta and tiramisu in shot glasses. I made 25 of these and yes, it was 3am.


Throw a pint of strawberries into a food processor and puree them. Strain the puree and get rid of seeds for smoother texture.


I had to use this Japanese Gelatine leaf – this brand is by far the best I know of for making the smoothest texture! Put 10 softened gelatine sheets + 450ml Whole milk, 150ml heavy cream, and 200ml condensed milk into a sauce pan and mix well over low heat. Pour into single serving moulds and let them set in the refrigerator for 2 hours.


Sweet condensed milk goes really well with refreshing strawberry sauce. (Pure strawberry juice, no added sugar.)


Tiramisu was also prepared in the same espresso glasses as well. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take my camera to the dinner.. bummerrrr!


A few pictures from the following day shot with iphone.. I brought another batch to Simon‘s Korean lunch feast (post to come.) and afterward dinner @ Mayuri’s. This batch wasn’t as sweet and condensed milk intense as the first one – served with fresh sliced figs with the strawberry sauce and mint leaf.

Ahh I like these espresso glasses. The other day I made salmon tartar and kingfish carpaccio served in them. Pretty… (though the serving size is great to me. ;p )

Pre-tooth extraction dinner @ O Bal Tan

“I thought you went to Suminoya for BBQ.”
Yes, I certainly did. But I did go to O Bal Tan as well, any other questions?

The tooth extraction went pretty smoothly and the whole procedure didn’t take long at all. With my numbing gums and cheek, I was sipping my butter scotch thick milk shake from Royal Copenhagen on my way home before anesthetic wore off.

As intended, I had an array of eating occasions before the extractions. And Japanese and Korean BBQs were certainly on my list to eat.

Many people have asked me in the past where Madang and O Bal Tan were located, and I always have a problem describing where they are. They are located next to each other on a small alley from Pitt street. I tend to go to Madang for hotpot and other non-BBQ dishes, and O Bal Tan for BBQs as my Korean friends have recommended.

My hungry eating companions. Hisae doing an eye exam with her spoon – Y. A. S. I. S. F. A. T.
Unlike some places like Suminoya, this place is smoke-free. The smoke exhaust thingy is hanging down from the celling sucking up all the smoke!

I love panchen, the complimentary side dishes that are served upon arriving. We were also pleasantly squeaking with their egg soup (Gae Lan Tang). The hot iron bowl was bubbling with fluffy egg that had been cooked in a tasty soup. Must order again.

I can’t remember the price from next door Madang, but the portion of Jap Chae at O Bal Tan was pretty big compared to that of Madang. Boy I love Jap Chae. We’ve got all the BBQ basics – Galbi (Marinated beef), Sam Kyub Sal (Pork Belly), U seul (Ox tongue) and Jae Bi Chu Ri (Beef Skirt). And you have to order Dae Chang the beef large intestine (in the large picture.) Marinated in a yummy korean chilli sauce, the intestine was VERY tasty and interesting texture to it. (Rather chewy) and I love the beef tripe too for chewier texture – the more you chew the more flavour comes out.

Now one item from my to-eat-before-dentist-visit has been checked off with a big burp.

O Bal Tan
363 Pitt Street, Sydney
Open 7 days a week
12pm – 2am (Mon – Wed, Sun)
12pm – 4am (Thu – Sat)

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Please vote for a fantastic Eat Show & Tell team!


Agepan frenzy.

Oh hai, thanks for stopping by.
Man, I’ve just had tooth taken out + things are pretty busy at a moment, and I barely got time to do my blogging and leaving comments at many of my favourite food blogs… Just wanted to say that I’m at least reading the posts! Will be back in full blogger mode shortly, I promise!


“YOU DID NOT MAKE THAT YOURSELF!” – My Japanese gangs exclaimed as they took a bite.
All I could say was “I know, right?” because I was surprised myself that my Agepan tasted EXACTLY like ones being sold at bakeries!


Yes, I did another late night cooking. Agepan literally means “deep fried bread” in Japanese – I guess it’s one of the simplest and easiest kind of breads you can make. First time I tired, it was done with a bread maker mix – all the dry ingredients premixed and so easy to make. The only problem is that the bread mix I used was specifically for sweet breads and it’s rather hard to find at supermarkets. So this time, I experimented with Japanese pancake mix and dry yeast – which turned out super AWESOME and only 1 additional step needed – “adding dry yeast.”


I couldn’t remember to take pictures of the progress while my hands were sticky from knitting the dough. But the recipe and method are pretty straight forward – combine Japanese pancake mix with egg, milk and dry yeast, knit, rest, shape, and deep fry!


Place the fried bread in a plastic bag with caster sugar and shake shake shake!



And I know this goes well with a glass of strong coffee with condensed milk. And Kim asks, “What, are you adding condensed milk to the coffee and eat this too?”

I don’t understand your question, Kim.


Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s already October! And you know what October means to Sydney.
Good food month 2009 has started.

So exciting to see many participated restaurants this year too.

Arrrgh I can’t believe the food bloggers secret dinner was already full!
Wish Fouad, Lili and Trish my best for the event!

By the way….
Have you seen this?
Azuki (red beans) Pepsi!!

Where are you headed to, Japanese Pepsi?