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White parrot.

Morning after the night I extremely exhausted and literally fell down to sleep on my sofa again, I found a white parrot resting on the window rail. A beautiful white parrot with his vivid yellow crest.

He stared at me for awhile, and then quietly told me in his calm and sad voice –
“I was a lot happier until you came along.”

The words went through my heart like painful paper cuts and brought me to tears.
“Why do you have to say something like that? Please don’t tell me such a thing.”

Emotionlessly he stared into blank space, and sighed. Then only to repeat and say the same thing.


That was the dream I had the other night. My pillow was wet with my tears.
I know I must be very very tried and exhausted with all the bad luck.

And one of my friends wrote me what the dream could represent:
Parrot: Problems, alert, troublesome, gossip, thinking.
Parrot repeating words: Shocking incident, sign of unforeseen unhappiness, urge to throw away everything, force to make you take whatever comes along.

That’s pretty accurate I say!

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Amen to that!

I’m still extremely busy and in pain due to the recent injury, but I just simply wanted to have a moment to send my ‘thank you’ to my friends who have been truly thoughtful and helping me getting through a hard time.

Jose and Kim – Without you two, I couldn’t have no way of handle the scene of the injury. You are the greatest friends in neighborhood!
Mayuri – 頼れる姉貴デス。一生つきまとうから!!いつも本当にありがとう。
Hisae – 心配してくれてありがとうね。緊迫してる職場で、メッセージみて安らぎました。

and everyone for warm words and birthday wishes to cheer me up. :) Once everything’s all sorted, I’m keen to have a feast with you all!

Mayuri has just came back from her recent trip to Asian countries and brought me back Funwari Meijin!


And man, she found it in Singapore! Still haven’t found any stores that carry this locally. Come on, Japanese grocery stores! I know, sharing is caring, right? I only ate two of seven small packages. I’ll *try* to keep my hands off the rest until I see some of you guys. Haha.

Damn.. I look tired.


A little collision accident between a car and me happened over the weekend at a shopping center.
I don’t remember if I felt any pain right then, but it pushed me over the edge and I had my very first nervous breakdown!! So much bad luck accumulated, feeling restless and exhausted, work files kept corrupting as I tired so hard to recover till late at night. Then this.
“No matter what I do, nothing’s going to be better.” – I thought as milk and eggs running down from smashed containers.

It’s bruised pretty ugly but not as painful as it looks.
Pulled lower back muscle hurts like S.O.B.!!


Ended up needing physio visits + 2wks convalescent time.
What’s next? A death?

Just a quick update from Mobile

Multiple posts before going back crazy!

Billy mentioned before that someone told him that Ichibanboshi in Bondi Junction has been closed. NOPE! They just temporarily closed due to relocation around the end of the last year. They are still open and busy – it’s true because I had a quick dinner there this evening!

My new favourite for chilly days – Miso Ramen with optional butter.

Japanese style iced coffee

Hirekatsu set (of course I ordered one for take away too. And Yakisoba. *burp*)

It’s confirmed, ichibanboshi in Bondi Junction tastes better than one in CBD!

Dinner @ Chophouse

Did you manage to call your mum or send her a present on Mother’s day?
As I’ve been going through such a busy time, I had arranged everything earlier this year. On the Mother’s day, I’ve got an email from her saying “Thanks for the lovely flowers! They were big and beautiful, and I’ve set it as a stand-by wallpaper on my mobile.”


Oh cool, I thought. But I also know this is another one of her “My mobile is better than yours.” followed by her super fast internet connection.

Her having grown up in a food business family, my mum has taught me a few things about food when I was a kid. To this day, I think these two are in my blood.

1: Don’t waste food.
“Children in many countries don’t have food.” I guess this is something mothers would tell their kids. Sounds familiar?

2: When someone prepared food for you, appreciate it.
Meaning, if what you are eating is yummy, express it. The yumminess comes from not only the cooking method and ingredients, but also time and effort spent on it.

I’ve got to thank my mum for #2. I tend to get all perky with yummy food. “Oh I thought you are just being nice!” – some of my friends have said after I had eaten their food and asked for more. It could be a bit embarrassing thing that I apparently can’t control my inner child who’s always hungry, but this brought me many thoughtful and thankful occasions.
“I know you’re going to love this.”, “You’ve got to try this.”, “You’ve got to come for dinner with us at this place.” and they are always right about that!

and recently I was generously given this plate for obviously enjoying eating.

Billy from A table for two emailed and asked me, “Do you want to come for a new winter menu tasting thing at Chophouse?” OH HELL YES. (Thanks Billy!)


Chophouse is located on 25 Bligh St, a New York style stake house – owned by Kingsley’s Stakehouse. The restaurant looks pretty contemporary in style but we spotted warm old country house-ness in nicely decorated interiors. And the food we were served – “just like Mum & Dad’s” as the invitation says – was their new winter warmer roast dish. Yum! Helen (Grab Your Fork), Susan (ChocolateSuze), Shez (One Bite More), FFIchiban (Here Come The Food), Peter, Steve and myself among other 20 something people invited seated and patiently waited for the dinner.


We had Byron Bay Berkshire pork with crackling, Riverine premium beef and roasted potato and Japanese pumpkin, along with side of green and potato gratin. HMMMM CRACKLING. Of course we had to compare the size of each other’s crackling – who’s bigger and thicker – like a penis contest or something ;p (I kept quiet, but I think I’ve got the biggest in the right side of the table. Hooorraaaaay.)

Oh man, how come roasted meat always tastes great in winter time? Even yummier with their condiment and sauces. I particularly liked the beef roast over the pork – I guess that’s simply because I’m a pork belly and Kakuni type of person when it comes to pork. Oh and I loooved the roasted Japanese pumpkin – I’ve got to give Shez a huge hug next time for giving me hers!

“what’s the housemade chocolate block?” We all wondered. And what arrived our table for desert was literally a house made chocolate block as if the chocolate is saying “I told you, duh.”


*faint* 80% milk + 20% dark = 46% cocoa. You do the culinary math. It was very yummy, rich silky texture with almond toffee inside. I had the urge to just grab it off from the chopping board and SUCK IT. (They are available for purchase!)

Billy pssst-ed and his eyes were telling me to look at the group next to us. Then our wide open eyes looked back at each others – we both knew our eyes were screaming “OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DIDN’T FINSH THIER CRACKLINGS!!” I’d get a bagful of the cracklings for the ride back home.

Thank you very much for Abbe for hosting the lovely dinner, and everyone at the table for great company!

Check out everyone’s blogs for more detailed coverage!

Address 25 Bligh St, Sydney 2000
Phone CALL 1300 CHOP IT (1300 246 748)
Email reservations@chophouse.com.au

One thing at a time, no more.

I know no one likes to hear me grumbling, but let me quickly recap my recent events.

1) Grandma passed away.
2) My iPhone died and would probably cost me AU$480.
3) Total disaster happening at work (Constant file corruption & application crash!)
4) My credit cards had been stolen from my letter box and used by some asshole.

Last weekend I had to go around and check off stuff from my high-priority to-do list as well as working over the weekend. And guess what happened on Saturday afternoon. I’ve got stuck inside of the elevator for nearly two hours. No mobile reception from B2 floor, and the inside was PITCH-DARK as all the electricity seemed to have cut off. I felt pure fear of darkness… I don’t think I had ever been in a place where absolutely no light exist. I spent the 2 hour full of scary thoughts – which obviously came from playing too much Left 4 Dead.

Without enough sleep, socializing, time to cook or dine out, I feel extremely restless and frustrated!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with bad luck. Around 7pm on last Saturday when I was still frantically working, my friend Jose and Kim from my neighborhood suddenly came over to my place unannounced.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU TWO?!” was my reaction upon opening my door – I found them standing before my door all wet and salmon in Jose’s hand. Did you go Salmon hunting with bare hands or what?

Earlier that afternoon, they came back home only to find their home was flooded – water pipe problem! They told me that they were extremely exhausted after emergency plumbing work and clean up, and no dry place to rest. Ughh what a disaster they had!! So what was with the salmon? Apparently they had to shut off the electricity in their home – just to be safe.

I really didn’t have time to do grocery shopping and didn’t have many ingredients. But I managed to prepare 2 dishes for us. We just sat on my sofa with the food, relaxed, tried to have a break from all the disasters we were having.


I realized that I had no flour left in my pantry, and had to substitute with potato starch – which made the prawns coated like agedashi tofu. But surprisingly it turned out to be uniquely good LOL “Ebi Mayo” (Deep fried prawn & batter with Mayo sauce) is one of the popular Japanese home cook meals. I just simply love the sauce – Mayo, rice vinegar, condensed milk, sesame paste and oil and chili powder.

*sigh* I’m about to lose my sanity, but, I better take one thing at a time. You’d see less updates on my blog until the end of the month at least. :(

Susan's mini house warming & Miracle fruit tasting test

Oh it took me awhile to post this one. Uggghhhh I’m frigging B-U-S-Y!!! :(

But, hmmmmm oh yeah, that was fun!
How much fun you ask?


Keep reading, you’ll find out why.

It’s always great to get together with friends over the weekend, and it’s even better when eating occasions involve. And this time, it was extra interesting because all other guests were enthusiastic foodbloggers. I got to meet FFIchiban from Here Comes The Food, Howard from eatshow&tell, Simon from the ♥ of food, Shez from one bite more, and Karen from Citrus and Candy for the first time, and my ex-coworker Billy from A Table for Two, Helen from the famous Grab Your Fork, and today’s hostess Susan from Chocolate Suze. They are such a lovely bunch of people with hungry stomach, I really had a great time. :)

OK, first of all, I don’t claim myself as a food blogger. (though most of my posts are food related..) And there’s this obvious difference between me and these enthusiastic food bloggers. They whip out their cameras as soon as the food gets on the table and transform themselves into food paparazzi! Contrary, I’d be holding my cutely in my hand completely forgotten about taking photos. (I’d even forget that I had brought a camera. VERY often.) So it’s really like their “keen eyes and observations on the food and ingredients” vs my “I’m starving.” I simply have to applause all the effort they put into their work – seriously, it takes hard work.


We started with these yummy dishes on the table – my god, that curry was sooo good! Great food and people, that’s all I need to make my weekend fun. But we had another agenda this time.

Billy managed to get miracle fruit pills called Miracle Frooties. Read all the details about Miracle fruit on Wiki because it’s better explained. Basically they are berries of Synsepalum dulcificum plant which causes sour foods to taste sooo sweet.

I’ve actually heard and tried it in Japan right before moving to Australia. The actual dried miracle fruit has been sold on Amazon Japan too. Unfortunately it seems like these miracle berries from Amazon are not available to purchase and ship to Australia due to quarantine reason. (Not confirmed, just a guess.) My impression back then was “yeah, kind of works eh.” – maybe it wasn’t strong enough, I don’t know. Lemon tasted sweeter, but still tasted like “lemon slice quickly dipped in a honey jar”. BUT THIS TIME, man we were tripping. Literally on ACID. Citric acid to be exact in my case.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, wig was required. Yup, mandatory.

With the pill in my mouth, I felt simply weird… The pill itself doesn’t have any flavour by its own – it was like sucking on a chalk. You sorta roll it on your tongue and let the Miraculin work in your taste buds. After dissolving the pill in our mouths, we were all set to start the tasting test.

As advertised it works great. Lemon tasted like a lemonade with aloooooooooot of honey/sugar, Passion fruit felt like a chocolate sauce, rice vinegar turned into some sort of undefinable liquor, beer tasted like coffee! I was particularly amazed how good citric acid tasted – and I had to take it to the max. Citric acid overdoes that was. Simon later on mentioned that acidity we had taken in was exactly the same amount no matter how different they tasted. And he was damn right about it. It caused me such a excruciating stomach ache later on – gastric hyperacidity!! Who would’ve thought that to come back and bite me later on? Not me.


Susan got her housewarming present – the voodoo knife stand. From her face, we all know she’s onto something.

Gradually the tripping effect wore off, and we moved onto our desserts. Simon’s rich chocolate mousse, Karen’s finger-licking lime & chocolate tart, Helen’s coca-cola cupcakes, Billy’s cute Domo-kun cake, and I brought my favourite Pavlova roll cakes from Sideways Deli Cafe. Hmm-Hmm.

During the dessert, Billy had to be Billy. The pictures give out what happened eh?
How did the revenge taste Billy? Yeah, lick it, that’s right, LICK IT!! *whips*

The whole time that I was driving toward the city with Helen, everything smelled like parmesan cheese. I was pretty sure that was from the cream, but, who knows, it could’ve been Helen. Whichever more convincing. *giggles*

Miracle Frooties are available at their web site – It’ll be a fun item to bring to your next party!


Their second collaborative products are coming out on 12th!
Donut burgers and potato churros from Mr. Donut. They look cute or what!

One on the left consists of Donut bun, strawberry sauce, strawberry whipped cream, rice puff chocolate. The other one consists of Green tea sauce, green tea whipped cream and rice puff chocolate.


And these from MosBurger. Special limited Mos Original burger with Wasabi sauce and teriyaki burger with wasabi sauce! And look at the patty, it’s got a hole in the middle like a donut! And what goes in the hole? That’s where the wasabi sauce will be.


I want to eat both!

Oh spam filter that was.

Just a quick update before blogging about housewarming & miracle fruits tasting test @ chocolatesuze:

Some mentioned that sometimes they can’t comment on my blog – and they are right. There was something wrong with my blog system. How wrong? Too wrong that I the administrator wasn’t even allowed to view some pages. Apparently spam comment filter isn’t working well and I’ve just deactivated it. It should be fine working now.

Thanks guys

hungry.digital.elf 101 – Fact #1

speaks better and fluently in onomatopoeia.