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Touch it dirty with your filthy hands baby.

The article that I have read somewhere while ago says that your computer keyboard can easily be 5 times dirtier than “cleaned toilet seat” (as in not disinfected but simply wiped.) It’s like, why don’t you just sit your bare ass directly on my hands. That’s surprising enough but your mobile phone can be even worse!

I guess we all are familiar with how it goes. Typing while we eat something and food crumbles get in between the gaps. And for some reason keyboards are not really registered as “a thing to clean daily” in our mind – because.. I don’t know, they are hard to clean? Especially when the computer is on – you wouldn’t want to wipe on the keyboard and accidentally press keys, right?

Having Japanese friends that often go back to Japan, I quite often get interesting, sometimes weird stuff as souvenirs. And the latest souvenir I’ve just got is “Cyber Clean – the high-tech cleaning compound” It’s actually a product from Switzerland, and it’s been also sold on informercial in the US.

And this is the Japanese version. My friend told me that the product are sold at major office supply shops like officeworks.

What’s in the package – a fluorescent yellow compound. Doesn’t it remind you of slime?

And you just grab and press it on the surface you want to clean.

Uhm.. Yeah, sure it’s easy to clean stuff with it, but it traps the dirt and dust in it. Although the compound contains disinfectant, I’d hesitate to touch it after using awhile. Wouldn’t you?

and here’s the informercial of the US version.

Ahhh don’t you just love watching informercials? I want to be on it and tell how product saved my life. (with tears of course.) What are you waiting for? Order now with your credit card! (and wait for the limited time offer.)

Pancake day

My friend Billy sent out information about Pancake day held by UnitingCare. Unfortunately I didn’t get the info until the day has already passed, but I found it an excellent way to contribute for good cause while I satisfy my hungry stomach.

I’ve completely forgotten to take some pictures, but I made my Japanese style pancake. A friend of mine recently gave me a bagful of Canadian maple syrup products called Möpure, and I obviously had to take this opportunity to use them.


These are actually maple syrup spreads and their consistency and texture are like smooth peanut butter. Good intense maple syrup flavour with all the health benefits it offers – more minerals and vitamins, and less calories than honey and sugar. I want a jar of it.

Check out Billy’s “the fool’s gold stack” – an instant fat bomb pancake containing 1953.23 calories. I say, bring it on. (and I don’t think his pancake cross would protect us from evil cholesterol.) Support UnitingCare Pancake Day by visiting his site and the profit from advertisements will be donated.

Finally! Universal mobile charger! But…

I’ve already lost my mobile twice in 6 months, and I know I’m not the only one out there. Every time you upgrade/change your phone – especially when you changed the manufacture, you’d be using different charger for the model you got, right?

Great news! Leading mobile phone manufactures have just recently agreed to produce a universal charge that will fit for any mobile phones. No more “Hey does anyone have a Nokia charger that I can borrow for a bit?” Also this will reduce waste for sure. Mobile phones get greener.


This is expected to happen by 2012.


Word to represent my year 2009.

There’re so many sites that generate something out of your name in Kanji, and here’s one that generates what word represents year 2009 to me.


毛 FUR  玉 BALL.


Refreshing Cow Water

India to launch cow urine as soft drink (Times Online)

Move over Calpis, you just changed your name to Calpico in English speaking counties cause it sounds like “Cow Piss” This is the real thing.

New generation printer???

How often do you use your personal/home printer? I hardly ever use it, but it reminds me how great home use printers have become every time I use it. Ink jet printers have been surprisingly cheap, and you could get fairly good quality one for under $50. It’s funny that ink replacement would cost more than buying a new printer.


Dell has just announced an ultramobile photo printer “Wasabi” that doesn’t require ink. It doesn’t spice up your sushi, but it could spice up your digital life.

This new portable printer has a built-in bluetooth so you can print your pictures wirelessly from your computer or mobile devices. It also uses a new Zink™ Zero Ink™ technology developed by ZINK Imaging in Massachusetts – in which crystalized dye ink embedded in a paper creates the printed image onto the surface by heat reaction.

I found this to be quite interesting. With this technology printers don’t need to have ink cartridges and we could expect to see printers that are smaller than traditional ones and longer life as no ink head to wear out. I wonder how quickly this technology becomes popular and how much the papers would cost… Oh and the paper must be available just like any other printer papers, eh?

Similarly, Polaroid and Takara Tomy have recently released mobile size printers. I want Xiao! (Zink Ink enabled photo printer + digital camera.)

クソ暑い! (Damn hot!!)

Are you guys coping alright with these hot days? I like the energy and atmosphere of the summer, but I have to admit I prefer winter. I just can’t handle the heat well… And there’re bush fires happening across Australia, 87 people died so far… Hope these will be over soon.

To get through this heat I definitely need a little extra help from my usual coffee intakes.

When you say “Iced Coffee” in Australia, you’d usually get a glass of cold café au lait with ice cream on it, sometimes whipped cream too. (Non-Australia people, I’m not kidding.) Contrary, If you asked for an iced coffee in Japan, it’s usually a strong dripped black coffee using very smooth yet dark roasted coffee beans (bitter but no sourness), and served with fresh cream and sugar syrup. (Gomme Syrup) I went to Tokyo Mart in Northbridge yesterday for Japanese grocery shopping, and I got myself a UCC Iced coffee – Ready-to-serve iced coffee in a bottle.

It tastes good, and this is the iced coffee that I grew up with. But I needed a little more coolness from the coffee for the hot evening. Oh how about Kori Coffee? (Kori: [koh-ri] ice cube or “frozen”)

Kori Coffee was introduced at Mister Donut in the late 80’s in Japan, and it’s been a quite popular summer drink item. It’s basically chunks of frozen coffee served in a glass and milk in a separate glass. Just pour the milk into the glassful of frozen coffee as much as you like. The frozen coffee starts to melt and becomes icy cold coffee with milk.


I decided to make this Kori Coffee with the bottle of UCC coffee that I bought. You don’t want to simply freeze them in an ice-cube tray as they’d be too big to melt in a glass. Use a zip-lock bag instead, and you can just snap/bang to break it into small pieces easily.


PERFECTO! I could use a blender to make a coffee frappe too.

Drinking this icy cold coffee, I remembered this Taiwanese shaved ice I’ve had in the past. (雪花冰) It’s not like an ordinary shaved ice or ice kachang (红豆冰) that are more of “crushed ice” but Taiwanese one is very thinly shaved frozen coconut milk. Very fluffy and light icy heaven!


Does anyone know if I can get this in Sydney? Apparently Din Tai Fung serves something similar but wasn’t the one I’m looking for. (it was an regular shaved ice..)

One of the readers told me that there’re several commercial Kori Coffee series available. You know I’d be ordering the all flavors. Thanks for the info!


When chocolate gone asian.

Roast lamb with dark chocolate sauce, chilled pea soup with chocolate salt, duck confit with balsamic chocolate, I’ve had dishes with chocolate or cocoa. I like anything chocolate and I’m usually tempted to try new ones.

How about this one?


MenyaMusashi in Tokyo teamed up with a Japanese conglomerate Lotte, and produced noodle dishes using chocolate. The picture above is “Ume Ghana” (Sour plum + Chocolate) Noodle tossed with balsamic and plum wine dressing and drizzled with chocolate.

Another to-eat item added.

Impulse buy to the max.

Another long overdue lunch with Megan, Dean and John was taken place at Delicado Foods (Thanks to Amanda for blogging this place. It’s been one of my favorite places!) Then we were off to do our grocery shopping.

I need… eggs… soy milk… oh watermelon looks yummy,
uhm, I know I’m out of peppercorns… aaaand… oh I almost forgot,


A new 42” Full HD LCD TV. Serving freshly out of the box garnished with Xbox 360 for dinner.
Didn’t I just spend nearly $2000 for Adobe software updates? No? It’s best not to think about it.

42” is way too big for a person who only needs a TV for video games… It’s too overpowering that I could grow much fatter in front of it. Anyone up for Left 4 Dead co-op play online?