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Keyboard for blondes

“Oh my gosh, like, this is totally cool!”

KEYBOARD for Blondes
And it’s been approved by Blonde Association of America. Awesome.

Been EXTREMELY busy! More updates soon..


Busy week continues, with new projects, 3 individual visitors, 4 big events. I decided that I deserve this.

"That Meat"

I have eaten various not-so-ordinary kinds of meat, such as kangaroos, crocodiles, snakes and so on. But there’s this meat I, well, maybe many of you guys could agree, have always wanted to eat.

“That meat” – we call it in Japanese. (or “Manga meat” – Cartoon meat, literally)

It’s that imaginary meat from cartoons – mammoth meats from the primitive age era (like Flinstones) or that rib meat from Tom & Jerry when Tom tries to lure out the bulldog to get to Jerry.

I know you know what I’m talking about.

SK Foods – a Japanese food supplier is making our dream come true. They made “that meat”!

It looks like a block of meat with bone in it. That’s right, you just grab the bone and bite into it like a primitive man.

Me Like Meat.

The busiest time of the year has begun.

Seriously, I’m on the thin line between being sane and crazy. One project has finished and another has begun straight after. And November is full of events, baby showers, house warmings, birthday dinners & drinks, my friends are coming from the states, business related visitor is coming, my mum is coming, EVERYONE is coming. I’ve planned out very detailed work and personal schedule for the month, and I ain’t changing it.

Straight after working for 19 hours non-stop, there was a wedding right before Melbourne cup day. We had a few chilly and windy days last week, but I’m glad it turned out to be such a wonderful sunny wedding day. 末永くお幸せに!Congratulations!

The very next day, we had a BBQ cookout for the newlyweds. I planned ahead and pre-ordered that pavlova roll cakes from my favorite cafe – the sideway deli cafe.

When I arrived at my friend’s, the preparation had already begun. We had alot of chickens, beefs, veggies, ocean trouts, as well as well-anticipated famous white asparaguses (you might have tasted these at well known restaurants.)

And we also had one of Japanese delicacy – Karasumi (lots of them!) , which was also served grated to mix with pasta. If you have tried and liked Tarako/Mentaiko pasta, you’d like this too.

(The one next to olives is the Karasumi, and the grated Karasumi below the pasta.)

Also, we had these fantastic abalones – which were lavishly tossed on the grill like cheap meat patties.

And then, thickly sliced abalones were quickly sautéed with abalone livers. *faint*

Mitsu the premium food supplyer. He keeps us away from dietary restrictions.

Alright. Now, I have a week till visitors start arriving – I’ve got to finish as much work as I can…

It’s over, we can’t speak proper formal Japanese anymore.

We speak Japanish. from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.