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I know some people who would be reincarnated in this cat.

Robert Helps – One of the greatest contemporary composers & pianists

It was around the time I was still in my freshman year at my music university in Japan. I still remember I got shocked to discover his Trio Hommages – beautifully composed piano work. I spent years trying to find his music sheets everywhere. (in which I eventually found and got in 2002.)

Robert Helps is surely one of the greatest contemporary composers.

I’ve just learnt that he had past away in 2001.

Hommage à Fauré – one of my favorite piano pieces – is available to listen on Art of the States web site.

I say Hmm and others say Eww.

“Oh you don’t? You don’t look like that though.”

That would the first response from others when I tell people that I don’t eat fast food anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I have no political or health conscious beliefs behind it. I’m just simply not enjoying the food anymore. Well, maybe occasional exceptions when KFC (this time I don’t mean Korean Fried Chickens”) is on a table ready to be eaten. ;p I haven’t eaten any burgers or chips from McDonald’s for nearly 3 years by now. (Yes, I had something else like soft-serve corn or muffins etc) – and the main reason is that it made me seriously sick after eating a quarter pounder cheese burger when I was shit-faced drunk. Baaaad combination.

I hardly ever eat instant noodles as well – just because I’d rather cook something quickly. But, when I do eat one, I tend to make others wonder and say “you’re making an instant noodle, right?”

Shin Ramen – I guess there’s no need to explain what this product is, right? Everybody knows what it is. I like Korean food in general – Korean BBQ, Bibimbap, Kimchi, Jjigae etc. But my stomach is just not for spicy food. I’d be crouching and groaning with an upset stomach later on.

Shin Ramen is also in my “Yummy yet dangerous” category. And from the previous attempts, I’ve already discovered that the soup looses alot of flavor if I didn’t use the full sachet of powder soup. Now I have figured out how to eat Shin Ramen. And here is how it looks like.

Can you tell what’s different from ordinary one?

After cooking as instructed on the package, drain nearly half of the spicy soup. And add soy milk to fill the half. This makes a bowl of mild spicy yet still tasty Shin Ramen. (Add the soy milk at the end, and don’t cook with it!)

My friends who have caught me doing this usually go “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” But, see it for yourself, it tastes like Laksa. I guess you could do it with regular milk or coconut milk. But I like it with soy milk for its nutty flavor. (and everybody knows I’m a soy milk freak.)


I’ve heard it somewhere before that menu at McDonald’s and other fastfood restaurants give you some insight into the food culture in the country. (e.g. There’re McDonald’s in the world that sell noodles or alcohol drinks etc.) And KitKat Japan certainly convinced me.

Look at these variations! These are not even including 3 originals and other limited editions.
I want to try them ALL.

I like it when it's endless.

I’ve blogged about Mugen Puchi-Puchi before – a ridiculous yet VERY addictive little toy. It’s been hanging on my key chain and I can’t deny that I’d be unconsciously pressing the buttons frantically.

So here’s the new one – another product I got from my friend. (Just FYI, I didn’t ask for it!)

Ahhhh Edamame.

When you squeeze it, edamame beans pop out!

Can you see the middle one got a little face on it?

And this is why the package says “This product is not edible.” specifically for idiots.

Mugen Edamame (Endless Edamame) by Asovision.

Now I’ll quietly anticipate someone would get me Mugen PeriPeri (endless package seal) or Poke box.

self-detention week

Hmm, it’s been 10 days since the last blog update. Time surely flies by when we are busy. As I have probably mentioned, I’ve been finishing up this really tightly scheduled project, and my social life and sleeping hours are being sacrificed as usual. Oh well.

I’ve got this FANTASTIC product from Japan that my friend brought back for me.

Steam Hot Eye Mask!
That’s right, y’all, it steams. Oh man, this DOES work great – especially after working long hours in front of the computer.

This little eye mask starts steaming by chemical reaction as soon as the package is opened and oxygen contacts with the mask. It’ll gradually heat up to 40C (104F) to relax your eyes and facilitates blood circulation around the area.


You have to write the eyes on it.

No.. No I’m not sleeping. Zzzz.

I'll filter you as a spammer.

Ever since I’ve gone independent, I don’t get much of those forwarded emails with jokes and stuff. Thank god. ;p I didn’t subscribe to your un-interesting findings of the day, thank you very much.

Plus, obvious spam emails offering to improve my erection, or adult sites that question me “Are you talking about actual animals or figuratively speaking?” etc I really wonder, how effective these spam emails are? (seriously, do they really make good well-worth results to spend money on??)

I still get unwanted emails even from my friends and people I work with, and I’m adding them to my spam filter entry when they’ve gone too far. I think, when you forward emails randomly, you should consider if the emails would cause the recipients any inconvenience. I believe that is a manner for emailing in general. And those who don’t practice the manner, I don’t want them to bother emailing me.

I find it very irritating when –

people send emails with alot of Ccs along with people I don’t know.
I’m not saying I’m an anti-social or anything. But just like you wouldn’t give out your home address and phone numbers to people you don’t know, I don’t want them to publicly send out my email address either. And what made you think that none of them has a virus infected PC? That’s what Bcc is for, so use it. – Blocked.

people forward scam/phishing emails without even doubting the possibility of scam.
Have you received the email talking about “butter is actually better than margarine”, “delete —– files from your system directory cuz it’s virus”, or Facebook is becoming too slow due to many inactive users? I’ve got at least 50 of the same. If you have some common sense, you would be able to suspect these are just spam messages when they read “send these around”, wouldn’t you? If Facebook could not even check how many inactive users exist in their database, they must have some serious issues, don’t they ;p Same applies to the emails saying Red Cross asking for blood donation to save kids (You know they would use more reliable media for help if that’s true.) – You are blocked.

people attach video files in emails (except when it’s work related.)
I’d just say “Thank you for clogging up my internet connection with your mpg files that are not even interesting.” Wouldn’t it be as annoying as me coming over to your house unannounced and force you to watch videos that you are not even interested watching, right? No? Then I’ll do that for you. – Blocked!

people send uncompressed images straight out of their digital cameras. (again, except ones you need for work etc.)
“Don’t you know flickr and other free websites you can put your images up? And you could simply send me the URL to view them.” – Blocked again.

people send many attachments without zipping them up.
“Oh I forgot to attach these and those, and I’ll send a few others when I got them.”
I would end up with emails everywhere with and without attachments. Thank you for adding extra tasks for me to keep track of them. – not blocked, but you are on my blacklist.

So what I want to say here is, your way to email people shows alot about your level of knowledge of computers & internet. And when you are obviously ignorant of it, the recipients are most likely not welcoming your emails. (and that’s why I have my public email address that forwards messages to my primary undisclosed email address after filtering and *disinfecting*)

Shouldn’t these internet related manners be taught in school? Just a thought ;p

Good Food Month – Lunch @ Bécasse

Oh GFM here we come. The first restaurant on my well-anticipated good food month restaurants is Bécasse!

As it’s public holiday today, I thought the restaurant must be packed with hungry stomachs. But it wasn’t that bad, several groups of people sitting around us.

This year at Bécasse, they have Starter Breads with refreshing extra virgin oil & black salt batter (?) , Wagyu beef gazpacho salsa, and roast pumpkin risotto for entrées, and main “Slow roast Provencal lamb with spring vegetables, olives and herb vinaigrette” along with regular lunch menu. I was actually tempted to get a roast hiramasa kingfish from regular lunch menu which I loved it before, but I had to remind myself that I was here for “let’s do lunch” menu!

5 of us actually had exactly the same thing. Starter was ocean trout and… uh, forgot what else it was on the chinese ceramic spoon (uh, what’s that called?)

We also had a dish of bite size breads for each. I sort of hoped to get an entrée as well, but my stomach wasn’t unfortunately ready for full lunch meal. Damn I should’ve woken up bit earlier ;p


It was a bit rarer than I hoped it to be, but it was tender and very tasty – yum! (To be honest, I’m not a big fan of lamb though.)


I took Amanda’s recommendation and had a parfait – which was DELICIOUS! I wish they’d put this on their dessert menu after GFM.

OK, next one – lunch @ Forty One and dinner and Bentley!

Hey I just noticed, the camera on iPhone isn’t really good at all, is it? There’s no macro, I know, but it’s just too blurry!

Killing me softly – but I demand it to be good and tasty.

Ewwwwwww GROSS!!!
This can of pork brain has 1170% (!) of daily recommended cholesterol intake!

Youtube: Pork Brain

Plus, this man died after tasting ultra-hot chilly sauce. Heart attack is scary.

Food kills.