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Wario, don't break Youtube!

Nice creative!


I'm officially scared of talking to kids now.

I was talking to one of my long time friends in Japan on the phone last night and she told me a little story about her two kids.

There’s this traditional game that you would find at local festivals in Japan called Kingyo Sukui (Goldfish scooping) and her son Shingo (6 years old) tried to remember the name of the game, but he couldn’t. He then went to his sister Aya (8 years old) to ask what it’s called. Shingo tried to explain what it is by giving his sister a really vague description like “The thing you try to catch but you can’t.”

Aya came up with possible answers, “Oh is it an air? Ghost? Shadow? Smoke?”
and she goes “Oh I know!!”


You got that so right, Aya.

Good Food Month!

I seriously cannot be bothered to be on any diet next month. We have these restaurants to go to. We have to. And maybe this year I’ll try to conquer all of sugar hit participating restaurants and hotels.

I’ll go grab my morning coffee and pick up my Morning Herald.

SMH Good Food Month website (Haven’t fully launched as of 8:45am)
list of Good food month participating hotels and restaurants

Also on SMH web today, I found an article on Christine Manfield – The restaurateur of Universal. I had a really nice and enjoyable dinner at Universal before, and uncannily shortly after, my foodie idol Amanda invited me to join her for Christine’s cooking class.

It’s nice to see a little insight about chefs who produce great dishes to satisfy our stomachs, isn’t it?

One of the greatest inventors I see.

John McCain Invented the blackberry.
Ah funny story.

*sigh* I’ve been extremely busy with my on-going project… Not much exciting things happening to blog about these days.

So then this is the one coming out next month @ another Apple event.

New MacBook – “Very thin aluminum casintg….. and an agressive entry-level price point.”

Master-baking again.

How nice weather that was on Friday and Saturday?! Simply great!

I’ve been working almost non-stop on this project which has tremendous amount of work to do in such a short given time. But the weather was just too nice to miss out. So I called up my friends to see what they were up to on the sunny Saturday morning. We got together for a long brunch and coffee outside, and that was all I needed to forget about work for a bit.


I can’t remember where and how I’ve learned it, but I’m good at making carrot cakes, as well as previously posted Japanese style pancakes. It’s simple, yummy, nutritious – and what’s pretty cool is that Erika – my friend’s 6 years old daughter – told me that she hates carrots but she likes my carrot cake. Oh she sure knows how to please adults, doesn’t she.

My friends have asked for my recipe, but I don’t have one… It’s just a carrot cake, you just grab ingredients and do it. Today, I made carrot cake muffins just because I didn’t have any more disposable loaf pan. It turned out good, nothing better or worse than the ones I usually make.

Care for one?

Would you like some soy sauce with that?

KitKat Soy Sauce flavor – Tokyo only limited version –


Japaz on Good living review


Just as predicted. right.

Apple has updated their iPod family with nano-chromatic color variations. Just as rumored and leaked.

Japanese Urban Legend

I was talking with a bunch of friends about urban legends in different countries. They all had a few famous ones to tell from where they grew up, and surprisingly I had TONS to tell.

The Ring, Grudge, and many other J-horrors are based on urban legends – “If you saw the video, you’ll die 7 days later.” or “seal your room with red tape” you know one of those. There’re SOOOO MANY urban legends exist in Japan and that pretty much ensures more crappy J-horror movies coming out year after year ;p

I’ll share two stories that made my friends shivered.

“True friends”
5 young guys and girls, they’ve known each other for many years since they were kids. Always hanging out together, and enjoying the best of what youth has to offer. One summer weekend, they went camping together. They had a lot of fun and the weekend past very quickly. On their way back, the outside was getting darker and darker. “Hey we should speed up a bit and go home before it gets complete dark.” They continued to drive homes.

All of a sudden the driver accelerate the car. “Hey, that’s way too fast, you should slow down!”
And the driver responded with his shuddering voice – “W, we, we, we are, are true friends, right?”
“What?! What the hell are you talking about? Of course we are!! Slow down! Are you going to kill us all?” He pulled the side brake suddenly, and the car stopped recklessly.

“What the hell are you doing!! Are you insane?!” they all asked, and he said “If you are true friends, help me!!!!” They all looked down to where the driver’s eyes looking at – they saw a boy with pale emotionless face grabbing the driver’s ankles.

They all screamed and ran out of the car leaving him behind. The driver gone missing, and one by one the rest of them died in strange accidents. In their mobile phones, they all had a message that says “I thought you are my friend. You are next.”

“Man with an axe”
Two college girls had a night out. They were out until quite late, and the last train home had already gone. One of the two suggested to the other to come stay the night at her place, so she did.
They were all tired and ready to sleep. As soon as they arrived and put their jackets off, the guest girl suddenly said ‘Hey I know we are all tired, but can we go back to the convenience store to get some ice cream or something?’

“whaaat? It’s getting late, let’s just go to sleep. I’m tried.”
‘No, seriously, I’m craving for one, I don’t think I can sleep until I get one. Come on, it’s not too far!’ and she literally grabbed her out of the room.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s too late, I don’t want to go anywhere!”
‘I’m really really sorry, but I really had to get out of there!!’ she said all tremblingly.
‘I saw a man holding an axe under your bed…’

They called the police right away, and later they found out that there was a murder a few block away from her place. And the murderer was hiding away from the police – in her room.

Horror movie makers, dig up some more Asian urban legends and make some money.

Oh I have another quick one!

This girl saw a shabby homeless looking guy standing the other side of pedestrian crossing in a business district among other well dressed people. She wondered, “why is he looking like that here? No body else noticed him?”

Light turned green, people started walking. When she and he were passing each other, the guy whispered into her ear – “I know you can see me.”