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Yoda is my friend too.

So.. Yoda from Star Wars can’t be social networking then.

Woman who had been rejected to join SNS

Awesome 3D related technology

iHologram for iPhone by David OReilly. Neat!

iHologram – iPhone application from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Image Matrics‘ incredible facial expression technology!

Love me to the fat. Photoshop experiment.

I was having a little cold and headache, and it’s just tough working like that. So I took a little break on my sofa while I was waiting for my client’s feedback. And that’s when my friend called me.

“What, are you slacking off on the sofa?” – No, I’m just resting!

Our conversation developed into “What if I kept working like I do now” – which involves constant snacking and no obvious fat-burning activity. And here’s what I’d look like with extra 15kg.


The most scary thing about this photoshop simulation outcome was – it actually made me feel “Okay” about myself right now. “Oh I still have enough depository for fat before turning like that.”

You’d still love me even if I was that fat, right? Hellooooooooo, I’m still talking to yooooou?

Barry the Bally. One bad day.

Last week was pretty busy week, and I was really reluctant to go to this drink night out because I had so much work needed to be done. I thought it’d be better taking a train for work then go straight to the venue afterwards, so I did. And it was too late when I got off the train realizing I’d forgotten my bag in there.


Well, at least I didn’t forget my computer bag instead – which is more valuable than the bag. But still… The forgotten Bally bag was my favorite one and my iPod, day planner book, some document for my work and mobile were inside.

At the venue, I was talking to my friends telling what had happened. They were all like “Oh shit, that was your favorite one wasn’t it? I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Then, this drunken shit-faced air-head girl cut in “Ohhh faaaaaaaaaaa*** you lost your BARRY? Oh I know, I have dated this guy named BARRY one time, and like he’s such an asshole, alright?” Blah blah blah.

WHO THE HELL IS BARRY, you drunken ho?

and before I open my mouth and say “No, we’re talking about a bag, Bally, not Barry.”, she tripped and spilt her martini all over us. “OHHHH OH OH OH OH I AM SO SOOOO SOOO SORRRRRRRRRRRY! I’m going to get a paper towel, Okay? You guys stay here, okay?”

and of course she never returned. (which was good. ;p )

I didn’t feel like coming to this drink in the first place, and now got all soaked with martini. We decided to leave there early smelling like a bunch of drunken idiots. I figured on this bagless chilly cold night that I wouldn’t go out next time if I don’t feel like it.

*ding ding ding*

interesting…. hmmmmmm.

Geolocation Module API – enables a web application to obtain a user’s geographical position.

Intelligence is attractiveness.


Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

Yogo did it again! Awesome creative & execution!

Morisawa – major Japanese font set (like, “Helvetica Neue”) – takes your creativity to different dimension with calligraphy. Create your own master piece with millions of Japanese characters!


Defeat a giant robot and save my blog!

Hahahahahahahahaha I like silly flash pieces like this.
Use your mouse to move around and click to drop a bomb! The robot won’t come again once you defeated it.


Oh hai do you work out alot?

Where do you get your motivation from? Cuz I need to get one too.

Cats On A Treadmill

Physics intensive cuteness!

Ahhh I’m totally getting this!

Little Big Planet will be out on October 30th. Go check out their promotion video.