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Relaxing Friday night.

I decided to stay in and cook a slightly healthier dinner than what I’ve had in the past 3 days.
Pan-fried & steamed salmon fillet on mashed potato – coriander and parsley sauce.

I’ve got a bottle of white wine and unwatched DVDs. I’m going to sit on my sofa with a blanket and enjoy a quite night in.

Something from Dell.

Official Dell Blog confirms that they are releasing a new small laptop product line soon.
Details are not yet released but you can see the pictures at their official blog.

I think it looks pretty fine and I’m sure they would put a reasonable price for it. Maybe perfect for second-computer to surf the net and emailing on the sofa?

Ok, I'm ready to die now.

I know a few people who would instantly get ready to shoot me in my head.

Prime Kobe Wagyu beef & tender loin for Shabu Shabu. & Sukiyaki

I was at a tasting dinner thingy and supposed to give the host feedback on the taste. But what else can you possibly say other than “YUM!!!” and moan?

“Oh I need to have it as a stake and yakiniku before I’ll be able to give you accurate feedback.”

Argumented Reality in FLASH!!!!!!


ARToolKIT for C is now being translated into AS3 by a bunch of clever people…

Argumented Reality in AS3 from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.

The pics above show the pink 3D box appearing on the piece of paper I hold.
Flash captures video from a web cam and tracks the physical 3D coordinates of the captured image.

Argumented Reality (Wiki)

This should be hidden from online agency people that go “Can we do that in 3 days?” – NO.

more cake

Day after the okonomi yaki, I met up with Nelson and Nathan for lunch. Nate brought me a chocolate mud cake. Apparently my birthday was just another excuse to eat cake.
I nearly burned my eyebrows and eye lashes.

More cake from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.

Tapas @ Japaz – pre-opening night.

Japaz – a new Tapas restaurant in Neutral Bay is finally opening its door on the 28th!

Hiro, the owner/chef of Atomic Espresso (formerly from Tetsuya’s) offers an excellent selection of contemporary tapas dishes along with wines to go with. And I helped out with their identity design for the business.

Last night, a pre-opening dinner for family & friends of the owners was held and the usual gangs headed up to the yet-to-complete premises. We were to give them our feedback on food and services, so naturally we turned into that useless actress commentator on original Iron Chef. (That goes nothing but “Oh, oh, hmm, this is, hmm indeed, very nice and tasteful.”)

Mayu(right) and Maori(left) – wife of the chef.

Mitsu (middle) the food distributor / import-exporter

hungry kids.

(We were too busy enjoying the food and forgot what they are exactly called…)

Every dish is excellently prepared in contemporary manner. And not to be forgotten, their service is very friendly and excellent as well. (oh and attractive waiters/waitress.) We had 16 dishes (2 x 8 tapas) + fresh olives and loafs of bread which well-stuffed our stomachs but this place is rather a great spot to enjoy drinks with food than a traditional restaurant for a dinner meal. It’s going to be my next night out spot with my friends for sure.

Japaz opens this Wednesday for dinner time (for now.)

명태 있어요?

I had this sudden craving for Tarako/Mentaiko (the marinated roe of pollock), and decided to go to the Korean market in Strathfield where I know I can get the spicy kind. I ♥ Tarako. Karashi Mentaiko – the spicy tarako – is often used to make that spicy mayo thingy that’s in spider sushi roll and fried softshell crab roll. It is one of the popular ingredients in Japan for Pasta sauce, filling for rice balls, potato salad, etc.

So when I got there, the store I was hopping to get Tarako was closed. There was a big piece of paper put against the wall with something written on it in Korean. “Hmm… closed…?” While I was standing there trying figure out what was written, three loud old Korean ladies approached.

“$#@%&%#! #%@#@&$%#@!”
“%#@#&@, %@#$%@#& &$^@#%#^@#??”

I had no idea what they were saying, but I guess they were also bummed that the store was closed.

“Excuse me, does this say that the store is closed today or something?” – I asked.

They seemed very surprised by having something asked in English, but kindly tried to answer my question in their broken English.

“Ooooooh Ohhhh, Jis closs clooooooooss, ohmm, nooo shoppin nooo shoppin!”

Oh okay. I said “감사합니다 안녕히 게세요” and was going to leave. But one of the ladies grabbed my arm and started telling me something in Korean. “Sorry I don’t understand Korean…” I couldn’t quite get what she was telling me in English either, but she sounded like she was trying to tell me where else I could get Tarako. Nice ladies.

So I have no idea why the store wasn’t open, and I left Strathfield with empty hands. Oh wait, make that one hand, I had a box of Taiyaki.


The future of car navigation…
Virtual Cable™

Birthday week.

I thought I turned 30 like yesterday. I’ve just turned 32 on 19th. *faint*

Just like any other past years, I tend to be always busy around my birthday – mainly due to the fact it’s nearly the end of financial year in Australia and many clients try to spend their budgets. Plus, one of my favorite restaurants was all booked out. So I’ve scheduled my dinner and drinks later on. (TBD)

Day before my birthday, one of meetings got cancelled at very last minute. I’ve got a call from my friend asking me if I can join her for dinner as her husband was on his business trip. So we called two other friends and four of us decided to have an Okonomi Yaki.

We all know there’re several places we could get Okonomi yaki. But unfortunately they are all “not quite the one we want.” Even the Okonomi-yaki & Teppan restaurant (I’m not going to name which one…) wasn’t great – so much less than what we expected.

So we made it. and geez, it was damn good.

Mix the batter – thinly sliced cabbages, bonito soup stock, yamaimo, prawns, thin sliced pork, red pickled ginger, chopped string onions, tenkasu, bonito flakes, sliced rice cakes, and many more.

I’m serious when it comes to food.

“Wait, are you pouring all that at once?!”
“That won’t cook through, ever.”
“How are we going to put the Yakisoba in it later?”

Making Okonomi Yaki from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.


This isn’t one to share. We ate close to one each, seriously.

Garnished with bonito flakes and Aonori. Don’t forget the Japanese Mayo to finish up.

We literally stuffed ourselves with the yumminess, and Maya and I instantly fell asleep on the floor while we were watching TV.

Then, I was waken up by a little surprise.

CAKE! from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.


Eating Healthy doesn't mean…

When my weight exceeded 90kg 3 years ago, even I had started and kept regular exercise (4 times a week) to burn some fat. It worked like a magic, and I still keep my weight around more less 80kg. My ideal weight based on my height (183cm) and muscle mass is supposed to be 75-78kg, but hey, CLOSE ENOUGH! ;p

When I first started exercising, I was asked by my personal dietitian to do a food diary – keep the record of what I had eaten for the week. Apparently I wasn’t eating much of junk food at all, and she said “You actually eat healthy – it’s just…. you eat a lot.” … like I needed a dietitian to find out that.

Recently I discovered two yummy yet healthy food for your body.

VitaSoy Soy milk

Yes, this is nothing new, just an ordinary soy milk. BUT. I had never tried this brand before. Some brand has really distinguish after taste, like a bit powdery or too nutty. I found Vitasoy very silky and creamy and definitely easier to drink as is than any other brands out there. I’ve been drinking this so much lately.


I had never seen this in Australia, so it might not be available in Sydney… I’ve got a case of this lovely pure pomegranate drink from Jen in San Diego. Simply YUM. and apparently very good for ya.
POM Wonderful

I love healthy food especially when they are yummy.