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Simply breath taking.

I’ve completely forgotten that I had actually graduated from a boarding music high school and university majoring in contemporary music composition and analysis. (I know I don’t look like one but I seriously studied Romantic and contemporary era focused on Chopin, Brahmas, Ravel, Robert Helps etc. ;p ) My concentration was on contemporary piano music writing – music for films, dramas, plays, accompany music for poem readings etc.

Ryuichi Sakamoto – a Japanese composer / performer who is well-known for composing music for the movies such as “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”, “The Sheltering Sky” and “The Last Emperor” – was one of the biggest influences for me, as well as Robert Helps (3 Hommages: Hommage a Faure, Hommage a Rachmaninoff), Joe Hisaish (All musics for animated films by Hayao Miyazaki – Spirited away, Castle in the sky etc.) and George Fenton.

These three of my favorites by Sakamoto came across when I was looking around on youtube.

Bibo no Aozora (Beauty of the blue sky…?) Ending theme music for the movie “Babel”


and Energy flow

It’s so funny that Energy flow was originally composed as a 15 secs TV commercial music piece for a vitamin E supplemental drug.


YouTube: Matrix Ping Pong

欽ちゃんの仮装大賞ダーー。(Kasou Taishou) 懐かしすぎ!
I didn’t know this TV show is still ALIVE after all these years!! Since 1988!

Not just any food, but mentally & emotionally safe food that I like.

Last christmas, I’ve got a nice little gift box of Original Jelly Belly from my management company.
I like Jelly Belly Beans. They’ve got 50 original flavours and seasonal/special ones for limited period. Some of flavours are “man, this DOES taste like real one!”, and it’s fun reading Jelly Belly recipes written on the side of the box – mix different flavours in your mouth and make a different flavour.

“I like Jelly Belly Beans” – I used to be able to say that…… until I actually tried this.

Bean Boozled
Have you seen Harry Potter special edition of Jelly Belly? If you know it, then you know this is one of those.
Yes, they’ve come back. It’s just a pure mayhem.

You just need to try these by yourself to know what I mean by “Flavours that physically hurts your emotion and brain.”
I don’t even know why I had to put myself in this danger.

And we all know that I WILL scream like a girl and faint if I saw this.

I’ve got to be careful and specific when I say I like food. Lesson learned.

You make me pant and moan.


TENORI-ON scheduled to be out on May 12th.

A new music(ical) instrument TENORI-ON (It can mean “Tones on hands”) will be released to public on May 12th. RRP is 121,000 Yen (roughly AUD$1,300.)

Tenori-on product demo on youtube.

See more details at YAMAHA global site.

I don’t know where it was, but I think I’ve seen some very similar device somewhere before…

No free construction work for you!

Builder demolishes own £15,000 handiwork after customer fails to pay bill

We work for you, you pay for us. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. Didn’t she learn that’s how business works?

You've got to love TV shopping programs.

Follow late nighters, we all know TV shopping and informercial programs are our friends. Proactiv solution, Youthful Essence by Susan Lucci, Reclaim by Principal Secret yada yada yada – You know you don’t need it.

And don’t forget QVC is the central tower of tv shopping with thousands of products you don’t need. We all need to applaud them for the skeptical sales enthusiasm. But when something’s gone wrong, they’d loose their credibility quicker than Martha Stewart.

Clips that make us say “And you want us to buy that?”

Inner-brain maker

This website generates an image of what inside of your brain must be like, based on your name in kanji.

食(eat) surrounded by 欲(desire) How accurate is that.

Deep Fried Coke

Yup, that’s right, I didn’t mistype. It’s a deep fried coke.

When I mentioned this on my Japanese blog, everyone went “WTF, that’s bullshit.” No, it’s not. I actually have had this right before leaving the states, in Chicago.

It is a cupful of deep fried batter, just like old fashion donuts, dusted with cinnamon sugar, dazzled with coke syrup, then topped with whipped cream. Oh yes, it’s is an instant fat bomb. What do you expect, it’s from the US.

Why am I posting this? Because the apple turnover I made last night tasted like one for some reason. I should’ve had a cup of coffee instead of Coke Zero to go with it.

A plate of guilty pleasure.

My friend went to Windsor for apple picking with her kids, and she brought me a bagful of freshly picked apples.  Half of granny smith for smoothies, and the other half for apple turnovers. (not a big fan of granny smith…)

Straight out of the oven hot crispy apple turnover with a scope of Lisa’s homemade vanilla & toffee ice cream and whipped cream.

Megan suggested me to reconsider the order of my priorities in my life when I turned down her invite -“You’ve got to come out for drinks tonight cuz I’ve got someone I want to introduce to you.”

I agree with ya, Meg.  Let me think about it while I eat this guilty.