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Earth hour awareness gesture by Google UK


Cleaver idea.

Though there's no test to take,

I never thought I’d ever have another reading assignment after college.

328 pages credit card payment gateway API specifications and how-to all written in Business Japanese.
I don’t know if I can handle the business Japanese part.

Because god didn't go to medical school.

Pure stupidity killed their daughter.
Police: Girl Dies After Parents Pray for Healing Instead of Seeking Medical Help

I admit it, I'm a package whore.

A new line of long-lasting intense flavoured mints – Fragre from Japan.
I don’t care what these smell or taste like, I love their package.
Available in 3 flavours – Rose Mint, Blue mint and Tropical Mint.


and I love Dolce de leche latte from Starbucks.

Photoshop Express – online for free!



Beta version of Adobe Photoshop Express – an online photo editing application – is out and available for public.
I’ve just done the test drive, and I’m pretty impressed! The only thing you need is a fast internet connection and bandwidth – this is definitely what Australia needs to work on… HARDER. Honestly it just sucks big time here.

So, like, what, does this replace the Adobe Photoshop Elements eventually? (Cuz the original rumor was that Adobe is working on Adobe AIR version of Photoshop Elements.)

Go check it out!

And here’s the list of competitors


Easter update

Well, I’m not happy at all. Because I’m working all through the eater weekend. *groans*

New faces joined FACE BANK!

I came across this site, and pavement drawingss look awesome!!
Check out the talented painter Julian Beever‘s website for more.

I can't stop!

Mugen Puti Puti

and apparently I’m learning new Japanese words.

KOTOBA no MOJI PITTAN! from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.

Life for sale. on eBay.

Ian Usher in Perth is going to sell everything on eBay – literally everything.
House, vehicles, sports gears, computers, TV, entertainment system, sofa, spa you name it.
eBay auction starts on Sunday 22 June and lasts for 7 days with No Reserve.
Check his website and maybe you could contribute to get him a better life.

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vb9B21alPGw

This is a cool idea. I might just do the same and disappear…

Tech: Let me get this straight, you are saying…

Folding@home is a distributed computer project to research protein folding.
According to their statistics, PS3 is much more powerful and efficient than any other platforms for the research.

Apparently, total TFLOPS (tera-flops = 1 trillion flops) of PS3 (currently 1078) is consisted of 35,704 PS3s wheres only 180 TFLOPS is possible with 188,869 windows machines. 1078 TELOPS is actually 30 times powerful/faster than JAMSTEC’s The Earth Simulator, 3 times faster than the super computer at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Funny thing is, PS3 was made for games. Ironic.
* I’m actually not sure if TELOPS can be used to measure the speed of computing or not. ;p

Magic Sand – Hydrophobic Sand

It must be a great invention, but what would that be used for…??? Oh, ah, I see.
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1id-gHQjbs

HDD price has been dramatically slashed.
Is that because of recent low American dollar rate?
Internal 500GB HDD has been marked down at AUD$80-ish. WHA WHA WHAAAT??


I’d totally buy it. Oh please put GPS in it.

An old article from 2006, but funny it’s still true!!
How to Ruin a Web Design – The Design Curve