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Canon Pixus Fine Japanese TVC


sexy sweetness. I'm in love.

BIONADE. Welcome

21 century new organic coke – Bionade now released in Japan too! I like their branding.



Charlotte Observer | 01/05/2008 | Disney World restaurant bans children

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no food for you stupid kids!!

365 days of chocolate pleasure, and I'm a whore for the package

Meiji Chocolate, one of the biggest confectionary companies in Japan, opened their concept shop in Ginza Tokyo back in 2004. I thought the concept and their branding were pretty impressive then.

One of their product line, 365 days chocolate – original blend chocolate of the day – is now available online for monthly order!


Also, their 56 chocolate package is yummy and pretty..

Baby Ally Whatever

No it's not my babyhood footage. Man, I can't get enough. Talk to the hand.

Confessions: The Meanest Thing Gizmodo Did at CES

a bit mean joke yet I found it funny.

New Year 2008-Sydney-Rio-Amsterdam-London-Hongkong-Taipei – 360 degree Panoramas

Awesome new year QTVR all around the world!