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凹だけど凸に見える立方体1 | @nifty ビデオ共有

I thought it was just a badly composed AfterEffects video LOL

I want to be spirited away

A friend of mine has just sent me a picture from her mobile. Her message reads, “Guess where I'm spending a night at? Kanagu Ya!” Kanagu-ya is one of well-known hotspring hotels in Japan which was a model for a bath house in he animated movie “Spirited away”

I replied “Have you seen No-Face yet?”



My buddies in Japan did it again. Sony launched a new 'one-seg'* free digital TV' recording built-in walkman, and its micro site is full of cross media campaign.

(* Free-to-Air TV are now broadcasted digitally for mobile devices for free. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1seg )

1) User can upload their picture from Web/Mobile/Sony Plaza Center Kiosk which turns into a 3D modified video that sings along with songs automatically.
2) The user video will then be picked for online banners, TV Commercial, projected on the massive Sony Entertainment skyscraper building, Tokyo Dorm Stadium, Walls in Sony Plaza shopping center in Tokyo
3) Tie-up artists contributing songs for TVC and web sites – free download for users who purchased the product.
4) Mobile microsite – upload, download videos on the phone, Free True Ringtone download, etc.
4) New post-youtube site Eyevio supporting these videos to host for blog entry/download

Full of PaperVision3D, Actionscript 3.0, Mortion Portrait! Quite impressive to create 3D model out of only one picture!

Check it out!
(FRIEND section launches in November.)

and here's my video @ eyevio!

Moukassa es tu casa

Greek dish Moukassa.

Well, it's just another gratiné dish isn't it?
Layers of grated Parmesan, Béchamel sauce, fried eggplant slices, meat sauce, potato slices.

And before those bitches say anything (although I won't list up names here cus it's obvious ;p), no, I'm not cooking to fill the void of romantic relationship. Dinner with Yas anyone? No? Uhm, I'd take one night stand? No? OK.

answer to life the universe and everything – Google Search


Hmm soo good it's gotta be fattening.

Home made Home Style Japanese Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) with Goma (sesame seeds) Tonkatsu sauce.

Flash Player 10 (Astro) Sneak Peek at MAX Chicago 2007 Keynote

I'm in ecstasy.


THIS IS SICK!!! Definitely not to be seen by account managers, project managers and producers who have no idea how much effort and time it would take to create something like this. You've been warned.

(press 'e' to walk.)