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I was this close to order one for this cold winter. It's ashame that shipping costs as much as the blanket itself!! I hate UPS.


RIA application interface framework for AS2 & AS3, just like a Swing for Java. I actually don't like the design (style) of interface, but event handlers and function sets are awesome!

The ONLY Beer For Dogs! Share a beer with your best friend!

Although this is non-alcoholic, it wouldn't be too long till your dog would need to attend AA meetings.

YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.

THIS IS SICK!! – Augmented Reality Technology. I guess this is the technology that's been used for new PS3 game “Eye of Judgement” Super cool!


Japanese PEPSI distributor, Santory, announced a new *refreshing* PEPSI Ice Cucumber. Ewww…

Apple – Mac OS X Leopard

New MacOSX Leopard coming sooooooon! Can't wait!

Apple – Safari 3 Public Beta

Safari for Windows!!

It's great that we have our choices for browsers. But as a person working in online industry, I just got to say, PLEASE MAKE ALL BROWSERS BEHAVE THE SAME!

Adobe Labs – Downloads: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

Adobe Integrated Runtime – formally known as Apollo (it was just a code name??) – beta is released!! Get your hands on it, developer geeks!


Oh no, I didn't know about this. A dreamy beverage for clueless caffeine addicts. (Apparently this will be discontinued soon in the US.)

How will you be defined in the dictionary?

Yas Nakano [noun]:
A person with a sixth sense for detecting the presence of goblins.

I knew something was behind you…