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Robert Helps – One of the greatest contemporary composers & pianists

It was around the time I was still in my freshman year at my music university in Japan. I still remember I got shocked to discover his Trio Hommages – beautifully composed piano work. I spent years trying to find his music sheets everywhere. (in which I eventually found and got in 2002.)

Robert Helps is surely one of the greatest contemporary composers.

I’ve just learnt that he had past away in 2001.

Hommage à Fauré – one of my favorite piano pieces – is available to listen on Art of the States web site.

Good Food Month!

I seriously cannot be bothered to be on any diet next month. We have these restaurants to go to. We have to. And maybe this year I’ll try to conquer all of sugar hit participating restaurants and hotels.

I’ll go grab my morning coffee and pick up my Morning Herald.

SMH Good Food Month website (Haven’t fully launched as of 8:45am)
list of Good food month participating hotels and restaurants

Also on SMH web today, I found an article on Christine Manfield – The restaurateur of Universal. I had a really nice and enjoyable dinner at Universal before, and uncannily shortly after, my foodie idol Amanda invited me to join her for Christine’s cooking class.

It’s nice to see a little insight about chefs who produce great dishes to satisfy our stomachs, isn’t it?

So then this is the one coming out next month @ another Apple event.

New MacBook – “Very thin aluminum casintg….. and an agressive entry-level price point.”

Just as predicted. right.

Apple has updated their iPod family with nano-chromatic color variations. Just as rumored and leaked.


Nike Pulls ‘That Ain’t Right’ Ads Seen as Homophobic

It’s so funny that some people see everything so discriminately.

“Do I need chopsticks? Oh because I’m Asian, I’m supposed to use them all the time.”
“Would I want to eat Sushi? Oh just because I’m Japanese, I’m supposed to like them?”
“Do I want another muffin? What, you think one muffin wouldn’t be enough to fill my stomach because I’m fat?”

Extraordinary performing art – The Great Swallow

Performing artist Benjamin Verdonck has done his performing with his giant nest hanging on Weena Tower – 30m high up from the ground.

I myself don’t know what exactly is the concept behind this performing – it can be interpreted many ways. But wouldn’t it be so amusing to see a giant nest hanging on the tower in the middle of office district and watch “the swallow” in the city grow? Did the egg hatch? Will he fly away?

I found this incredibly impressive, especially the way this performance triggered me to wonder what would happen next and what it is trying to convey with the ending.

See more details at Nest Rotterdam website.

YouTube – The Great Swallow 1/3

YouTube – The Great Swallow 2/3

YouTube – The Great Swallow 3/3

The Last Guy – a new PS3 game

Have you heard of it? Like the past two recent titles, Sony Playstation has been doing some mysterious countdown on the site all of a sudden.

Until July 11th, they had another count down for the last guy. Currently on the web site, there’s a video in the language I can’t even understand – without caption. (I assume it’s Hindi?)

Apparently, this game is a new type of survival game using Google Map data (or other satellite images) where the player leads civilians to evacuation area to escape from zombies. Would this be like Bio Hazard (resident evil) or new century Lemmings?

The next update of the site is scheduled on the 18th. Hmmm… True teaser!

OH, also I can’t wait to get my hands on Siren Blood Curse (Original: Siren New Translation)

iPhone 3G countdown

Although I’m not too keen to get one myself, I’m yet excited to see the iPhone 3G’s debut. (3 more days!)

I hear alot of people say “Announce the goddamn price plans aready!!” to Vodafone and Telstra (not yet released as of July 7th 9am), but I’d think their plans would be pretty much more less like the unimpressive plans from Optus. If one of these two released unlimited data plan, I’d cry with joy.

Did you hear about the petition happening in Canada? Canadian customers are not happy with the price plan from Rogers, calling it unfair and overpriced. As of July 7, over 46,000 people have signed the petitions.

and here’s Rogers’ plans (Canadian $):

ENVY. (well maybe except the length of contract)

Compared with our shitty optus iPhone plan, this looks so much better to me. But yeah, it’s a definitely bummer that they didn’t offer unlimited data plans. Like I’ve “ugh!”-ed previously, we definitely need unlimited data plans for iPhone to take the best advantage of it.

So where can I sign for Australian iPhone petitions? ;p

Oh apparently 3 is doing a petition. But… well…
It’s a bit different petition that is. I don’t care which carriers offer iPhone, we just simply need fair price plans.

Some say “It’s just a phone, what’s the big deal?” – yeah totally true. But isn’t it so crazy that it’s just a phone making the world going all ga-ga about?

Cannes Lions – GO UNIQULO!

Japanese apparel company UNIQULO – which has been quite known for their HUGE budget and openness toward creative campaigns that wouldn’t necessarily result in an instant increase of sale – has won the grand prix in cyber and titanium categories with their new promotion UNIQLOCK. I wish Australian clients were more like this for online stuff..

UNIQULOCK by Koichi Tanaka – creative director from Projector, and music by Tomonobu Tanaka from Fantastic Plastic Machine.

Oh by the way, I thought that one of the dancers looks like Xiaohan, don’t you think?! (appears in the morning hours)

Of course I’m impressed by the creative and its execution, but as a flash developer, I’ve got to look into the mechanism behind it. Man, it’s very cleaver, and this definitely proves that great execution REQUIRES detailed technical scope and planning! Absolute time synchronization along with music loop, which seems to have 60 seconds base loops and additional sound effects and beats that are loaded and added as time goes by, and efficiently planned asset loading etc. So many cleaver things going on.

Online version (plays in browsers), small versions which can be embedded in blogs, SNS, and screensaver version have been available. And the music used in the campaign is also available for ringtone download.

Go check it out if you haven’t seen it. It’s pretty addictive to watch the time goes by.

Flash Mob Sydney

It’s not a good thing to cancel a meeting for a health reason and be captured by ABC coverage. ;p
It was held at two locations – Pitt st mall and Martin Place, which apparently looked too “Something is about to happen” like. I had never seen that many people at neither of these locations, and I’ve got to say it was too obvious.

Flash Mob in Sydney! from hungry.digital.elf on Vimeo.

Watch the full story on ABC.

After this event, we headed to North Sydney for a bowl of ramen noodle at Ryotei, then off to Tokyo mart to do some Japanese grocery shopping. I also bought a fillet of ocean trout and some fresh veggies and fruits for dinner.

Pan-fried Ocean Trout on garlic sautéed zucchini with Shimeji stir-fly.
I’m on “Two veggies minimum per dish every meal” mission.