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Quick visit to Neo Tokyo.


Oh hai, how are you? I am very much exhausted. My blog didn’t have any post in the past two weeks, and here’s why.

I don’t think I remember much about last Friday as I was frantically trying to do everything I needed to do before flying out of Sydney. Those who don’t know, I flew down to Tokyo and stayed there only for 3 days. When my trip begins hectic and crazily like this I always forget something really important – and this time, my DSLR. Fail.

It’s been 15 years since the last time I actually lived there and my last visit to Tokyo was 6 years ago right before relocating myself in Sydney. Things have changed quite alot, and I’ve got to say I was a bit lost in the time in between..

What didn’t change much was of course food. I mean, how generally good it is and how late you can eat out. Day before my flight back to Sydney, I met up with my old friends from Boston – the first reunion after 8 years! These guys are ones that shared our greatest and worst time together in Boston – even after 8 years none of them changed and we just rolled down on our memory lane all the way. It was already 4:30am when we finally left the place.

I truly loved that there’re many places we could head to eat. We ended up hitting Kabuki-cho for late night Ramen fix at Kamukura. At 5:30am. Win. (Oh btw, Kamukura’s ramen soup was SO awesome!)

Me and my friend also went down to Tatsukichi in Shinjuku for Kushiage. This place has 40 something kinds of kushiage (all 170 Yen/each), and the Kushiage chef keeps frying until you say stop. When we asked him how many kushiage most people eat, and he told us that’s about 20-25. And how many I ate?


“that’s the highest number of the day.” – the chef told us as he fried our dessert kushiage (Deep fried Chocolate gateau!) And my friend says “Yeah most people don’t need a second skewer holder.” REALLY? When I reached 20 something, my stomach was still in after-entree state. No wonder I felt like I was the fattest person in Tokyo. They have a ranking board on the wall, and 10th being 68, and 1st 127. Considering that I had my pre-dinner meal, I thought I could be on on it next time.

What else I had during my short stay? Katsu at Wakoh (twice) and Maisen, Ramen, Soba, hainan chicken (sadly, fail), various convenience store bento, Japanese snacks, 12 out of million kinds of different coffee-in-a-can etc.

Freshly deep fried Katsu Bento from Wakoh just around the corner. 720Yen! Dangerous.

28cm whole cake. Two of us eat half each. yup.

And my very first pasmo. Yay, it makes me feel more Japanese! Super convenient that you can even use it for shopping pretty much EVERYWHERE.

After 15 years, I finally started missing Tokyo.

Shinjuku Tatsukichi
Shinjuku 3-chome 34-16
Ikeda Plaza Building

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DoutonBori Kamukura (Kabukicho store)
Chinjuku Kabukicho 1-chome 14-1

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You're my drug.

I had a quite bit of extra sweet intakes over the two weeks – mainly due to quitting smoking.




And the sugar overdosed happy moment was taken away and I had gone insane.


Why? I had no coffee home. My new shipment of 250 Nespresso capsules were stupidly left behind the office. Next day at work, the first thing I did was to load the boxes into my car. ;p


Ahhh….. aren’t they just beautiful?


They look like diamonds in a box to me.

Now let my self-indulgence continued.


Stuffed Friday.

Ughhh. It’s been very hectic and I barely have the time to blog. So many things to catch up – again!

Friday was pretty hectic in fact. I had to stop by my clinic for follow-up on my injury etc. They are located in CBD and you’d think it’s convenient if you work in the city. But getting into CBD by car in the morning and try to be on time for my appointment is such a hard thing to do! I have to park my car in the world tower underground parking, then walk up to Dymocks building. That easily takes up to 30 mins during the morning rush hour. *sigh*

Last Friday I had a lunch @ Sushi Suma on Cleveland street with Circul8-ers. (Oh we missed Jan :( ) This was my second time visiting, and now I know that they are popular for their value – SOO MUCH FOOD! Lunch combinations are priced at $15-16, you get to choose either Sushi or Sashimi + one of 6 mains (Teriyaki chicken or fish/Udon/pork or chicken Katsu/tempura/Eel/Yakiniku) + miso soup and agedashi Tofu.


After work, I was frantically running down to Swissotel to meet up with Billy (A table for two), Helen (Grab your fork), Simon (The ♥ of food) and Mr. and Mrs. PigFlyin’ for Fondue dinner. Actually, Billy mentioned something along with “steamboat” and I was wondering what the hell was happening at JPB restaurant. Well, yeah, if you put that in Asian way, Fondue is a steamboat alright ;p


Unfortunately I couldn’t leave work on time, and cheese fondue was pretty much gone by the time I got there. Well, how stupid of me expecting anything left – look at the people at the table! ;p

JPB restaurant offers all you can eat fondue dinner for $49 – unlimited beef, pork, veal and kangaroo meat, calamari, salmon, cod, prawn as well as salad. oh and many many sauces for your food. (I’ve got to say, these sauces weren’t even enough – you’d get bored with unseasoned meats and seafood after a few round, I’m afraid.)

After the dinner, we were pretty much wandering around in search of dessert to finish off. Surprisingly on Friday night, there wasn’t many choices left for desserts. Everywhere we went, “CLOSED”. … REALLY?

We ended up at Ten Ren Tea on George street – apparently they are open until 12:30AM. And I remembered reading about the place on Betty’s blog. Oh yeah, that’s right, red bean crushed ice!


Simon and Billy were apparently feeling hungry after walking around, and ordered crispy fried chicken, tea flavoured beef noodle, and what they call Taiwanese meat balls – as well as their iced teas and green tea ice cream. I’d rather call it “full meal” than dessert.
My craving for red beans were satisfied with sweet red bean crushed ice on chilly Friday night with brain freeze. Unfortunately for Helen’s peanuts & QQ crushed ice with green tea ice cream, they were out of QQ and it was substituted with red beans. (and of course we went on and on about it for like 5 mins.)

It was great meeting up with them, and it was a great start of the weekend – which I’m trying to post pretty soon. And after the next few posts, it’ll be the end of crappy blog pictures (well… hopefully) “how so?” you might ask.


My very first DSLR has arrived! Canon Kiss X3 (500D in Europe/Oceania) Very excited & I’ve scored the brand new lens kit for under AUD$1000. Woohoo.

421 Cleveland St,
Surry Hills NSW 2010

JPB Restaurant
Swissotel, Level 8,
68 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Ten Ren Tea Sydney
696 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

way overdue birthday dinner. Duh, finally!

Oh my god. Finally.

Bookings can be such a pain, and you wouldn’t want to mess with restaurants by rebooking and then canceling, especially head counts are larger than ‘casual dinning’. And my gang are pretty busy this time of the year, and quite alot of them weren’t unfortunately able to attend my birthday dinner this year. So I decided to just do another ordinary dinning out get-together at my favourite Japanese restaurant Busshari. Just like last year, but smaller party.




Everything is my favourite, these are all great and yummy! If I were living in Japan right now, I wouldn’t be overly excited about it, but oh my Japanese sweet potato tempura – I was reminded that I love & missed them so much.

We’d usually get plates of desserts, but not this time. We had to save some room for a specially ordered birthday cake from Azuma. Again!


….. hmm?! *gasp*



Mayuri was sweet enough to spend her time to make this out of my usual doodle! Thank you very much!

And. I’ve got my birthday present that I’m VERY VERY excited about!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Oh you Nespresso. Now this has become my shrine. I’ll worship it. and get extra buzzed than ever before.

My beloved friend and yummy food with a few beers and Yuzu Shochu (You’ve just got to try this). That’s all I needed to be reminded that I have pretty good life.


Thank you, Mayuri, Mitsu, Hisae, Maya, Ema, Chiho and Lily!
and everyone else who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the dinner – thank you for your birthday wishes!

119 Macleay St, Potts Point 2011
02 9357 4555

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Touch it dirty with your filthy hands baby.

The article that I have read somewhere while ago says that your computer keyboard can easily be 5 times dirtier than “cleaned toilet seat” (as in not disinfected but simply wiped.) It’s like, why don’t you just sit your bare ass directly on my hands. That’s surprising enough but your mobile phone can be even worse!

I guess we all are familiar with how it goes. Typing while we eat something and food crumbles get in between the gaps. And for some reason keyboards are not really registered as “a thing to clean daily” in our mind – because.. I don’t know, they are hard to clean? Especially when the computer is on – you wouldn’t want to wipe on the keyboard and accidentally press keys, right?

Having Japanese friends that often go back to Japan, I quite often get interesting, sometimes weird stuff as souvenirs. And the latest souvenir I’ve just got is “Cyber Clean – the high-tech cleaning compound” It’s actually a product from Switzerland, and it’s been also sold on informercial in the US.

And this is the Japanese version. My friend told me that the product are sold at major office supply shops like officeworks.

What’s in the package – a fluorescent yellow compound. Doesn’t it remind you of slime?

And you just grab and press it on the surface you want to clean.

Uhm.. Yeah, sure it’s easy to clean stuff with it, but it traps the dirt and dust in it. Although the compound contains disinfectant, I’d hesitate to touch it after using awhile. Wouldn’t you?

and here’s the informercial of the US version.

Ahhh don’t you just love watching informercials? I want to be on it and tell how product saved my life. (with tears of course.) What are you waiting for? Order now with your credit card! (and wait for the limited time offer.)

New generation printer???

How often do you use your personal/home printer? I hardly ever use it, but it reminds me how great home use printers have become every time I use it. Ink jet printers have been surprisingly cheap, and you could get fairly good quality one for under $50. It’s funny that ink replacement would cost more than buying a new printer.


Dell has just announced an ultramobile photo printer “Wasabi” that doesn’t require ink. It doesn’t spice up your sushi, but it could spice up your digital life.

This new portable printer has a built-in bluetooth so you can print your pictures wirelessly from your computer or mobile devices. It also uses a new Zink™ Zero Ink™ technology developed by ZINK Imaging in Massachusetts – in which crystalized dye ink embedded in a paper creates the printed image onto the surface by heat reaction.

I found this to be quite interesting. With this technology printers don’t need to have ink cartridges and we could expect to see printers that are smaller than traditional ones and longer life as no ink head to wear out. I wonder how quickly this technology becomes popular and how much the papers would cost… Oh and the paper must be available just like any other printer papers, eh?

Similarly, Polaroid and Takara Tomy have recently released mobile size printers. I want Xiao! (Zink Ink enabled photo printer + digital camera.)

Impulse buy to the max.

Another long overdue lunch with Megan, Dean and John was taken place at Delicado Foods (Thanks to Amanda for blogging this place. It’s been one of my favorite places!) Then we were off to do our grocery shopping.

I need… eggs… soy milk… oh watermelon looks yummy,
uhm, I know I’m out of peppercorns… aaaand… oh I almost forgot,


A new 42” Full HD LCD TV. Serving freshly out of the box garnished with Xbox 360 for dinner.
Didn’t I just spend nearly $2000 for Adobe software updates? No? It’s best not to think about it.

42” is way too big for a person who only needs a TV for video games… It’s too overpowering that I could grow much fatter in front of it. Anyone up for Left 4 Dead co-op play online?


I’ve got a package from home which was full of Japanese products that I like.
Oscar winning dramatic faint reserved for these two among other stuff.

Instant cup soup “Soup de Okoge” (鍋巴湯 Chinese Sizzling Rice Soup!)
I know, it’s an instant product that I hardly ever eat, but this is YUMMY!

and I’m restocking my steam eye mask stash. Now with lavender scented one!


iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Available now!

Oh my god, I’ve been crazy busy at a moment with multiple projects happening at the same time. It seems that this hectic work schedule is happening around this time of the year every time. I feel like I’m totally missing out the great summer time!

One of the projects that I’m involved is iPhone application development. Let me blog about some of the apps that are already done and available through iTunes App store. I’m very excited to see the actual final products are on iTunes store!

There’re two types of small apps – TrueFlirt is an iPhone application that allows users to send interactive flirt apps. Another type is a collection of small fun apps.

True Flirt (Unfortunately this is available only in the US.)

And these small apps are currently available through iTunes App store.
(will open iTunes)

and here’s some youtube videos of these apps that I built. More should be available later on through iTunes app store.

Nookie Cookie

Romantic Magnetic Poetry

Spin The Bottle

MC Icee


Build a Cake

Keyboard for blondes

“Oh my gosh, like, this is totally cool!”

KEYBOARD for Blondes
And it’s been approved by Blonde Association of America. Awesome.

Been EXTREMELY busy! More updates soon..