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Asparagus carbonara – with a sprinkle of failure

If I wasn’t shouting loud enough on twitter and emails, I’m out of advertising industry! Starting on the last day at work, it’s been non-stop eating, dining out, catching up my neglected friends etc. It feels A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Hell ya.

“So you’ve left online ad industry, what’s plan B?” – my friend asked.

Plan… B… well…


I’ve moved onto something more data-centric, and good bunch of people have offered me projects already. I’m very fortunate to know many people who’s been good to me and supportive, indeed. So Plan C is pretty much sorted!

So what’s for late night cooking today?

Hahaha this egg has a smily face on it. Bunch of asparaguses, slices of pancetta, and parmigiano reggiano. Initially I was simply going to wrap asparagus with pancetta and parmigiano, but I knew at this point that I had all the ingredients needed for carbonara, except one essential ingredient – pasta!

Hmm. And I remembered my friend Mayuri showing me the picture of “Carbonara alla asparagus” from Ukai tei in Japan. A bit different from their version, but I decided to ‘shave’ asparagus with a peeler and use it as ‘pasta’


I know many readers are fantastic cooks, you know how to make carbonara, right?

Oh I failed. I should’ve not been lazy and continue peeling more asparagus – after a quick sauté, a bowlful of peeled asparagus became nearly half the size. Plus, too much distraction was happening on TV, and the pancetta was a bit overcooked while I was carried away. *sigh*



Lovely Jen of Jenius‘ photo exhibition has just started this Tuesday and open until Sunday the 15th. And her book “I Ate My Way Through Singapore & Vietnam” will be available for purchase there as well.

Global Gallery, 5 Comber street, Paddington Sydney
11am – 6pm (Sunday: 12-4pm)

Find out more at http://www.iatemywaythrough.com/

Disaster striking again.

After attempting installing MacOS 10.5.7 update, everything started falling apart. Now my beloved iMac is constantly locking up, unable to boot etc. Even after reinstalling, reformatting hard disk, nothing seems to have solved.

With frequent late nights at work, pile of things to do before dues, car trouble over the weekend, cancer screening, I can’t even have time to investigate what’s wrong nor bring it into Apple support…

I’ll be blogging less for the next few weeks or so. Fellow bloggers, I might not be commenting as often as I used to be, but I’m visiting and reading :) I seriously had enough of everything, and I’m planning to take care of all that annoy the hell out of me in the next two weeks. I’m completely fed up with everything!

Let the game begin

Pretty much everything I do seems to be very impulsive to others. I guess it’s because I’m a type of person who needs to take an action straight away once I made a decision. Though the decision making process is usually the long part for me.

So. Now. I did it. Bikram Yoga a.k.a. Hot Yoga. That’s right. Not only yoga itself, I for some reason agreed to do that in hot temperature. What the hell was I thinking.

The Yoga studio is located in Bondi Junction. Oh the location. I mean, what kind of people would you see in Bondi area? Sporty, healthy, health conscious, good looking, 6 packs, fit and tight muscled bodies, surfers, etc. You get the idea, right? In other words, “people not like myself”


During the session, most of the people in the class looked like yoga masters to me. Changing one pose to another with no difficulty. Guys with toned muscular 6 pack bodies, women with flat stomachs and tight buns.

Our perky instructor gives us the direction in her calming soft yet demanding voice.

Breath through the nose – inhale.

Feel all the bad pushed out from the body – exhale.

Slowly, stretch out your body as much as you can, go further, try your best you can…

Let everything go – try to imagine and get to the calming, peaceful place within…


If the instructor was trying to help me find my inner self, don’t worry about it, I know him already and he’s telling me to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE.

After the session that seemed to be forever, my friend said “Hey you did actually better than I thought”

“Don’t. talk. to me. now.” was all I could respond.
I treated myself with yummy Kimchi hotpot with lots of pork slices. Don’t argue with me. But I must admit, it actually feels great afterwards. Yes, very tired, but all the stress seems to have melted away with my sweat. I’ll definitely go back – just very hard to find the time to attend though…

And also, I went back to my gym for the first time in like 7 months ;p Nothing too hard, just a treadmill run for about half hour – and little bit of crunch. I’m just trying to increase the amount of exercise to speed up my recovery process from my recent injury. (from amount of exercise being NONE. of course ;p)

And I’ve got to admit, again, being a regular smoker is undoubtedly what’s making these activities harder for sure. And then I reconfirmed just like I have so many times in the past that smoking contributes to nothing better. You waste your money on it, it makes harder to get rid of tiredness, the craving that you just have to satisfy every time. It’s just simply ridiculous.

Recently 7 people around me have successfully quit smoking with a little help from this prescription drug called Champix. Hearing about the drug from them, I decided to give it a go myself.


Ironically I have worked on several anti-smoking campaigns in the past. During the process I’ve learnt so many facts and diseases caused by cigarette ingredients. And I wonder why it never really motivated me to stop. I guess, they usually talk about all the bad things about smoking – I’ve never really seen any campaigns focusing on what benefits you are entitled to by quitting. That’s more motivating to me, like, food tastes better, feel more energetic, skin glows better etc.

So I’ll be on Champix for the next 3 months to finally (hopefully) break my smoking habit, starting from Monday. And I’d probably go back to the Bikrum yoga soon, just to see if I could glimpse of indication that I’m getting healthier. ;p

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to celebrate all these new starts with pizzas, beer and the rest of 4 cigarettes before Monday, right?


Arthur’s Pizza
260 Oxford Street
Paddington, NSW

Bikram Hot Yoga
183 Oxford street
Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Site: Dinosaur Designs Fungi

Dinosaur Designs’ new fungi campaign site has launched.
Go check out and create your own mysterious mushroooooooooooom!

Fungiverse - Dinosaur Designs


A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Amen to that!

I’m still extremely busy and in pain due to the recent injury, but I just simply wanted to have a moment to send my ‘thank you’ to my friends who have been truly thoughtful and helping me getting through a hard time.

Jose and Kim – Without you two, I couldn’t have no way of handle the scene of the injury. You are the greatest friends in neighborhood!
Mayuri – 頼れる姉貴デス。一生つきまとうから!!いつも本当にありがとう。
Hisae – 心配してくれてありがとうね。緊迫してる職場で、メッセージみて安らぎました。

and everyone for warm words and birthday wishes to cheer me up. :) Once everything’s all sorted, I’m keen to have a feast with you all!

Mayuri has just came back from her recent trip to Asian countries and brought me back Funwari Meijin!


And man, she found it in Singapore! Still haven’t found any stores that carry this locally. Come on, Japanese grocery stores! I know, sharing is caring, right? I only ate two of seven small packages. I’ll *try* to keep my hands off the rest until I see some of you guys. Haha.

Damn.. I look tired.

One thing at a time, no more.

I know no one likes to hear me grumbling, but let me quickly recap my recent events.

1) Grandma passed away.
2) My iPhone died and would probably cost me AU$480.
3) Total disaster happening at work (Constant file corruption & application crash!)
4) My credit cards had been stolen from my letter box and used by some asshole.

Last weekend I had to go around and check off stuff from my high-priority to-do list as well as working over the weekend. And guess what happened on Saturday afternoon. I’ve got stuck inside of the elevator for nearly two hours. No mobile reception from B2 floor, and the inside was PITCH-DARK as all the electricity seemed to have cut off. I felt pure fear of darkness… I don’t think I had ever been in a place where absolutely no light exist. I spent the 2 hour full of scary thoughts – which obviously came from playing too much Left 4 Dead.

Without enough sleep, socializing, time to cook or dine out, I feel extremely restless and frustrated!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with bad luck. Around 7pm on last Saturday when I was still frantically working, my friend Jose and Kim from my neighborhood suddenly came over to my place unannounced.

“WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU TWO?!” was my reaction upon opening my door – I found them standing before my door all wet and salmon in Jose’s hand. Did you go Salmon hunting with bare hands or what?

Earlier that afternoon, they came back home only to find their home was flooded – water pipe problem! They told me that they were extremely exhausted after emergency plumbing work and clean up, and no dry place to rest. Ughh what a disaster they had!! So what was with the salmon? Apparently they had to shut off the electricity in their home – just to be safe.

I really didn’t have time to do grocery shopping and didn’t have many ingredients. But I managed to prepare 2 dishes for us. We just sat on my sofa with the food, relaxed, tried to have a break from all the disasters we were having.


I realized that I had no flour left in my pantry, and had to substitute with potato starch – which made the prawns coated like agedashi tofu. But surprisingly it turned out to be uniquely good LOL “Ebi Mayo” (Deep fried prawn & batter with Mayo sauce) is one of the popular Japanese home cook meals. I just simply love the sauce – Mayo, rice vinegar, condensed milk, sesame paste and oil and chili powder.

*sigh* I’m about to lose my sanity, but, I better take one thing at a time. You’d see less updates on my blog until the end of the month at least. :(

Oh spam filter that was.

Just a quick update before blogging about housewarming & miracle fruits tasting test @ chocolatesuze:

Some mentioned that sometimes they can’t comment on my blog – and they are right. There was something wrong with my blog system. How wrong? Too wrong that I the administrator wasn’t even allowed to view some pages. Apparently spam comment filter isn’t working well and I’ve just deactivated it. It should be fine working now.

Thanks guys