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Neurotic weekend.

I have a little project I’m doing over the weekend – rearranging all the furniture in my rooms. You say what the big deal is, and I say my sanity depends on it.

I’ve been living by myself since I was 15. (And no, I didn’t run away from home thank you very much!) I went to a music high school far away from my home city where the boy dormitory had discontinued. I think I’ve learnt how to cook meals, doing house works, budgeting and paying bills etc at earlier age than most kids would do because of this.

Anyways. I have developed habits and tendencies through all these years living by myself, and one of them is that I HAVE TO REARRANGE MY ROOM every 6 months or so. Otherwise I’d be annoyed that everything is sitting on the exactly same position that long. I know, it’s weird. And this is not just moving the angle of sofa and TV, I say “complete rearrangement” and I take it to the max – sometimes I even replace the furniture. Therefore I have no other plan but this for the weekend.

So this is the last meal in the current layout of my living room. I was on my sofa with my late dinner – thinking what should go where…


Grilled Tasmanian salmon square, roasted tomato and onion, with balsamic reduction and homemade Yuzu & horseradish paste. Bummer, the perfectly shaped salmon was broken with spatula…


Well, initially the salmon was accompanied with roasted tomato and fennel, but the fennel was unfortunately roasted too long and burned while I was preoccupied with surfing the net ;p A few mistakes were made but it turned out tasting great!

Getting up early on Saturday was totally failed. No wonder, It was 3am when I got in my bed after all – it seems like this has become my Friday routine. After my quick breakfast and newly stocked up Nespresso coffee, I rushed out for errands. On my way back, I remembered what Helen and Susan have commented on my recent B.B.Q. Chicken post. The custard tarts from Sweet Belem in Petersham. When hardcore food bloggers highly recommend something, it’s definitely good. And I of course had to stop by and grab those!


In the showcase at the shop, the custard tarts were placed on top of each other upside down like ones in the picture. As standing right in front of the tarts, I had to ask if they have any left because I didn’t recognize them as the tarts! LOL


I’ve got to admit that I had never really been big on custard tarts before – If there’s one, I’ll take one. But, these, oh my gwad. Pastry is so flaky, making crispy noise every bite, and the eggy custard with sprinkled cinnamon. Thanks Helen & Susan for their recommendations :)


Later on the same day Simon txt-ed me for directions in Neutral Bay, and I mentioned that Susan should be at Mosman Market. He was kind enough to get me my favourite Chocolate chip shortbreads from The Biscuit Tree upon his visit.

Hmmm I love these chocolate chip shortbreads! Perfect for my obsessive coffee intake. I hope 3 bags would last longer than last time… 2 days? ;p

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Sweet Belem
35b New Canterbury Road, Petersham NSW

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Biscuit tree

B.O.Y. (Bank of Yas) Annual financial report. pt. 3

Well actually, this is supposed to be part 4 as I have done another one like 6 months ago. Completely forgotten to blog about that. (*giggle* like someone cares.)

It has surely been my daily routine to come home and empty my pocket and wallet, getting rid of all the coins that I accumulated that day. It’s not that I’m trying to save money for something, but I just REALLY REALLY hate carrying coins – I even want to live in a country where all the denominations are paper bills.

As you might have seen in part 1 or part 2, I’m pretty good at saving fairly good amount of money. It’s just pain in the ass that I have to visit my bank just to get some coin bags and go back again to deposit though.

Well, would you want to guess how much I have accumulated over 6 months?


$50 x 11 ($2 coins) = $550
$20 x 8 ($1 coins) = $160
$10 x 8 (50c coins) = $80
$10 x 4 (20c coins) = $40
Total $830
(plus all other coins that didn’t make it into the coin bags. roughly $180)

Not bad, hey? It’s like a self-stimulus package. (I know, it just sounds wrong.)
Hmmm how should I indulge myself with this… Yummy food and spa massage? I don’t see why not.

hungry.digital.elf 101 – Fact #1

speaks better and fluently in onomatopoeia.