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Site: Dinosaur Designs Fungi

Dinosaur Designs’ new fungi campaign site has launched.
Go check out and create your own mysterious mushroooooooooooom!

Fungiverse - Dinosaur Designs


Learning from the the successful professionals

Have you see Honda’s promotion for INTERNAVI? I’ve seen the banner ad everywhere these days.

INTERNAVI is a car navigation system developed by Honda. Unlike ordinary GPS navigation systems out there, this one collects various data from the GSP device such as location, traffic information, alternative routes, and share the data with other users. It’s like a social media for GPS navigation.


And their promotion site visualizes these data with Flash – sort of like breadcrumbs of routes from users drawing a map. That’s ALL this site does. Nothing about the product or services – but simply showing the map being drawn in 3D perspective along with the ambient background music by Rei Harakami. Just like thousands of others, I was sucked into the screen and started at it.

When you work in advertising industry, it’s very common to hear people talking big about strategies, planning and all that. But to be completely honest, I hardly ever come across anything that are successfully executed. After all, they are not creating something consumers would want to see. What’s the point then?


I’ve just read this article about people behind this campaign. The creative & technical director from Dentsu answers “I thought it should be just fun to look at. We don’t have to tell consumers the characteristics and advantages of the product.” And he then continues to say “Majority of us live NOT thinking of the product in every day life. That’s why we only needed to do something that grabs attentions from these people.”

It’s like me hearing so much about how Kiwi fruits are great and being told that I should have them while I have absolutely no interest in eating. (I’m allergic to it!) But I don’t mind seeing something being done to/with Kiwi fruits. I guess that’s all it takes to tap into someone’s mind, eh?

Ok enough about that.

What impressed me the most is how it’s been built. I thought this had been done with Pepervision, but apparently not! (Oh and I’m excited about the next version of Papervision – PapervisionX!) It’s just the new 3D (well 2.5D to be precise) capability in Flash CS4. I agree that Papervision is great, but if you can archive what you want to in Flash CS4 alone, then why would you still need to use Papervision? Secondly, all these location data is provided as binary using ByteArray because XML or any other text based data would be too big to retrieve and parse.

Choosing the right method or thinking to grab others’ attention is important, but I also reassured that choosing the right tool to execute is just as important. (After all, technology part is the one to actually make it happen in digital world.)

UNIQLOCK, RecYou, those were great campaigns weren’t they? (I was so into how they were built!)

Pancake day

My friend Billy sent out information about Pancake day held by UnitingCare. Unfortunately I didn’t get the info until the day has already passed, but I found it an excellent way to contribute for good cause while I satisfy my hungry stomach.

I’ve completely forgotten to take some pictures, but I made my Japanese style pancake. A friend of mine recently gave me a bagful of Canadian maple syrup products called Möpure, and I obviously had to take this opportunity to use them.


These are actually maple syrup spreads and their consistency and texture are like smooth peanut butter. Good intense maple syrup flavour with all the health benefits it offers – more minerals and vitamins, and less calories than honey and sugar. I want a jar of it.

Check out Billy’s “the fool’s gold stack” – an instant fat bomb pancake containing 1953.23 calories. I say, bring it on. (and I don’t think his pancake cross would protect us from evil cholesterol.) Support UnitingCare Pancake Day by visiting his site and the profit from advertisements will be donated.

Word to represent my year 2009.

There’re so many sites that generate something out of your name in Kanji, and here’s one that generates what word represents year 2009 to me.


毛 FUR  玉 BALL.


Melt me away with Boon.

I have to admit that I have a thing for collections/selections of tiny beautiful things – whatever they might be. I’ve collected colored pencils, PANTONE markers, I love small millions of flavors of Japanese “POCKEY” and Kitkat and my list goes on. I’m Japanese, and that’s in my blood, like Karaoke. And you know how I reacted when I got my pretty cupcakes from Cupcakes on Pitt and Gateau on the go. (and I’m not even a big fan of cupcakes to begin with.)

I guess it started when I had first visited Chocolatier Pierre Marcolini and Meiji Chocolate Cafe in Japan. I must have looked like a girl in a jewelry shop fascinated by diamonds. Chocolate can be pure beauty. *faints*

Some of my foodie friends have told me about this relatively new chocolate shop/boutique in Darlinghurst – Boon. To get a bit of idea I googled it and found their website, and it won me over on the spot. To speak from my professional side (Good old designer and art director era…), I ALWAYS LOVE IT and PRAISE FOR IT when any small business do their visual branding right. Their logo, packages, tones, tonality, etc I think they look fantastic for the shop!


So today I finally made it to the shop for the first time with my good excuse – my meeting was cancelled. I called up my friend Lily and asked her to come along.

*GASP* My god, they are beautiful!

That was my first reaction straight after stepped into the shop. (Vocalized, actually ;p ) As two of us enchantedly paralyzed and sighing before the pretty chocolate full of showcase, a friendly shop staff greeted and told us they have a upstair lounge. Of course we had to see that!


Upstairs is a small yet cosy relaxing lounge decorated with the same nice branding tone. Menu was chocolate full – Tasting plate chocolates, Hot chocolate, chocolate frappes, as well as crisp belgian waffles with belgian chocolate sauce. We ordered the waffle and Coconut summer frappe and Passionfruit frappe (both with white chocolate I remember?)

You know I had to drizzle all of the chocolate sauce.

I tasted Lily’s Coconut White Chocolate one and she did mine. We like each other’s better, so we swapped.

We wanted to take pictures of yummy chocolates in the showcase, but unfortunately we were politely asked not to. (Just to be clear, staffs in the shop are all very friendly and polite.) I bought two boxes of their chocolates – very hard to pick which ones I should get. One box for myself, and another one for our friends that we were going to meet up for dinner afterwards.

Well I guess it’s okay to take pictures of these pretty chocolates home so you would want to go check out this place, right? My favourite ones are balsamic vinegar one (on the far right) and surprisingly the Chili one! (in another box)


I completely forgot to try the chocolate with shredded coconuts around it – recommended by my friend. So there, I have another excuse to go back.

251 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst
(Toward St. Vincent Hospital.)

iPhone/iPod Touch Apps Available now!

Oh my god, I’ve been crazy busy at a moment with multiple projects happening at the same time. It seems that this hectic work schedule is happening around this time of the year every time. I feel like I’m totally missing out the great summer time!

One of the projects that I’m involved is iPhone application development. Let me blog about some of the apps that are already done and available through iTunes App store. I’m very excited to see the actual final products are on iTunes store!

There’re two types of small apps – TrueFlirt is an iPhone application that allows users to send interactive flirt apps. Another type is a collection of small fun apps.

True Flirt (Unfortunately this is available only in the US.)

And these small apps are currently available through iTunes App store.
(will open iTunes)

and here’s some youtube videos of these apps that I built. More should be available later on through iTunes app store.

Nookie Cookie

Romantic Magnetic Poetry

Spin The Bottle

MC Icee


Build a Cake

Hmmm Bacon!

Haaaaaaaaa, I almost wet my pants. I said ALMOST, thank you.

Baconize your website!!
(http://bacolicio.us/ + URL.)

Yogo did it again! Awesome creative & execution!

Morisawa – major Japanese font set (like, “Helvetica Neue”) – takes your creativity to different dimension with calligraphy. Create your own master piece with millions of Japanese characters!


Defeat a giant robot and save my blog!

Hahahahahahahahaha I like silly flash pieces like this.
Use your mouse to move around and click to drop a bomb! The robot won’t come again once you defeated it.


Physics intensive cuteness!

Ahhh I’m totally getting this!

Little Big Planet will be out on October 30th. Go check out their promotion video.